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The golden jade leaf, also known as the green jade tree, the purslane tree(seedling trays), is a perennial evergreen succulent shrub of the genus Pampas, the stem is fleshy, purple-brown to light brown, the branches are close to horizontal, and the new branches are purple-red under sunny conditions. If the light is insufficient, it is green. The leaves are small, thick, green and have a bright surface. Jinzhiyu leaves are usually used for cutting propagation(nursery plant pots). They can be carried out all year round, usually from April to October, and can be carried out all year round in the greenhouse.

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(cheap 20 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)The length is not strict, remove the lower blade before inserting, and dry for 2 days to 4 days(black plastic plant pots). After the incision is dried, it is inserted into the culture soil, and after the insertion, the soil is slightly moist, and it is easy to take root. The reproduction of golden branches and jade leaves is suitable for spring and autumn, with fast rooting and high survival rate. Generally, the lateral branches with leaves are selected from the plants with good growth potential and side branches(seed starter trays). The cuttings are 8 to 12 cm long, and are placed in a cool and ventilated place for 1 to 2 days to make the incision slightly dry, and then inserted into the breeding sand bed.

Cut the strong and full branches for cuttings, or remove the main stem leaves(5 gallon growing pots). After the incision is slightly dried, insert into the sand bed, keep 20 to 25 ° C and suitable humidity, and root for about half a month. The breeding of golden branches and jade leaves can be cut with strong and full-fledged branches during the growing season. Remove the lower leaves before inserting, and let them dry for a few days(square plastic plant pots). After the incisions are dried, insert them into two parts of humus soil, coarse sand or vermiculite, and 1 part of garden soil. In the prepared culture soil, the soil is slightly moist after being inserted.

(cheap 20 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)After survival, put it in a sunny place or half shade to maintain the soil(1 gallon nursery pots), keep the pot soil moist without water accumulation, do not apply fertilizer for the first 2 months to promote the growth of root system, apply a decomposed thin liquid fertilizer every 10 days or so, and cut off the base in time. The young shoots sprout to concentrate nutrients and speed up the growth of the trunk. It can be placed in a well-lit area(plastic terracotta pots), but the southern summer is intensely illuminated. If the leaves are to remain green, they can be properly shaded.

If the light of the seedlings is insufficient, the branches are poor(15 gallon plant pot). Generally, the seedlings should be properly filled with light when the sunshine is short in the autumn, and the light of 40 watts/square meter per day should be kept for not less than 18 hours to promote the development of the lateral branches. The soil should be kept moist before emergence to prevent the soil from being too dry and dry. When two to three true leaves appear after emergence, the root system is weak at this time(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is necessary to keep the soil moist, so as to avoid root damage caused by excessive soil drying.

(cheap 20 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)When the jade leaves grow to a certain height, they can be shaped(decorative plastic plant pots). If it is too shaded, the plant is easy to grow, and the plant is thin, and the leaves are easy to yellow, which affects flowering. The fleshy leaves are obovate and alternately opposite. From the upper basin to the flowering, the water should be controlled. Because the desert rose likes the drier environment, it is drought-tolerant but not water-resistant(plastic plant trays wholesale). Therefore, the watering should not be too much. If the water is wet for a long time, the branches are easy to grow. And may cause root rot.

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