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The longevity flower cuttings are very simple(7 gallon nursery pots). The flower friends only need to look at the pictures to learn. This article is a flower lover from the pruning after longevity, to the processing of the branches, the cutting process, which basically covers all kinds of cutting methods of longevity flowers. Longevity flower hydroponics are divided into two cases, one is water rooting, then soil planting, the other is as a hydroponic plant, has been hydroponic, both of which we have to comb(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Water rooting: This is still relatively simple, just make a branch, then insert it into the water, you can give birth to white roots in a few days.

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(cheap 20 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers spain)Of course, for hydroponic longevity flowers, there are also flower friends who need to put nutrient solution(1 gallon nursery pots)? If you want to transplant, it is best to dry the roots and plant them again, but the root transplanting is a bit more, because the longevity flower cuttings are very simple, not water The survival rate is also very high. Hydroponic longevity flower: This is also very simple. Select the better-looking shoots of the plant type, and then insert the hydroponic bottle(wholesale nursery pots). Usually change the water once a week and rinse the roots (of course, it is also possible to continue the water). There are flower friends questioning, is it so simple?

It’s really that simple. The longevity flower is a very good flower(5 gallon nursery pots). As for whether the hydroponic bottle put some ceramsite in the later stage, it’s all about the individual’s play! The longevity flower is inserted into the hydroponic breeding method/step: preparing the cuttings - Cut off the mother plant after the shoots. We can see that new branches appear on both sides of the branches, so the flower friends should remember that if you cut the branches(nursery trays), you should cut them about 1 cm above the axillary buds, which will help the mother plants to branch and naturally dry the cuts. Night or 1 day.

(cheap 20 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers spain)You can try it. Cut off the branches, we have to do the appropriate processing and then cut(15 gallon nursery pots). Wash and disinfect the seedling box, etc., fill it with 8 minutes and cool it; drill the hole in the disinfected foam; use 2 drops of alcohol to open a little root powder (because the rooting powder is not easily soluble in water); Powder, then insert the holes separately(black plastic nursery pots), all the blades should be above the foam; find another branch to demonstrate, we can see a branch we can cut several small segments.

This section will become a new longevity flower(10 gallon plant pots), each section must retain at least two nodes with leaves, and then the leaves of the bottom node are removed. Remember to make the label, light and flat into the seedling box. If it is a winter cutting, you can cover the transparent seedling box cover, summer and autumn do not need to cover, then move the seedling box to the light, waiting for rooting. The problem of hydroponic water can be natural water(2 gallon pots for plants). It is best to set the natural water or mineral water for 1-2 days. The water should be immersed in 1/3 of the roots, then placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.(cheap 20 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers spain)

In fact, it is possible to add a proper amount of nutrient solution, and some flower friends have said that putting too much nutrient solution can easily lead to rotten roots(half gallon nursery pots). It can be cut all year round, and it should be kept warm in winter. In Hubei, it only needs to be placed in the balcony in winter, and it can be put on a plastic bag. After rooting, if you can't divide the pot as soon as possible, you can fertilize it in the cutting pot, and the same kind of management in the pot. Because the survival rate of longevity flower cuttings is high, the flower friends can let go of the cuttings(plastic nursery pots). After cutting, they can be placed in a cool and ventilated place for a few days, which will help to survive.

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