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The germination ability of Jinzhiyu leaves is very strong. In the usual maintenance management process, we need to re-cut according to the shape needs(wholesale nursery pots), and at the same time combine with the roots to let the bonsai hang over the claws, which can improve the ornamental of the bonsai. However, the pruning of the bonsai of Jinzhiyuye is mainly treated by diligently topping it(plastic plant trays), so that it sprouts more side buds, which makes it grow more leafy and more beautiful. So, how long does the golden jade leaf grow taller?

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(cheap 20 gallon plant pots wholesale suppliers california)Topping the golden branches and jade leaves is a necessary management method to promote the germination of the side branches(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After the trunk is formed of lignification, it can be used as a bonsai. Generally, the length of the branches around two sections can be reserved, and other parts need to be cut off. In this way, the plant will continuously extract small lateral buds, and for small lateral buds(9cm plastic plant pots), it needs to be properly trimmed or topped, and 1-2 nodes are also retained, thereby forming a relatively beautiful and eye-catching plant type.

Moreover, the golden branches and jade leaves must be topped and diligently topped(planting trays). By smashing the growth advantage of the top, the growth points are dispersed throughout the plants, thereby effectively preventing the branches from growing and achieving the purpose of controlling the shape of the plants. The topping can't be carried out too early(9cm flower pots). Many pot friends started to top the plant when they grew to more than 10 cm, which caused the negative effect of weakening the tree, and the side branches were not fully developed.

(cheap 20 gallon plant pots wholesale suppliers california)Of course, for the topping work of Jinzhiyuye bonsai, it should not be too early, and the original should not be too late(black plastic nursery pots). Too early topping will greatly weaken the tree, and if it is too late, it will often fail to achieve the purpose of controlling the shape of the plant. Specifically, it is more appropriate to use high-rise toppings(10cm plastic plant pots), not only according to individual aesthetics and preferences, but also to consider the existing growth status of the plants.

After the plant is roughly shaped, we need to remove the top part frequently to top it(one gallon plant pots). When the new potted planting golden jade leaves reach a certain height, we can control the height and promote branch germination by topping. It is. It is generally recommended that you plant the golden stalks on the pots for 1-2 years(5 gallon garden pots), that is, when the plants grow to about 30-50 cm.(cheap 20 gallon plant pots wholesale suppliers california)

Generally, no shading is required(plastic nursery pots). When entering the reproductive growth period, nitrogen fertilizer is stopped, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are mainly used. Generally, the fertilization is stopped at the flowering stage, but the desert rose flower period is longer, and the nutrient consumption is more. Some quick-acting fertilizers can be appropriately added, but the concentration should not be too high. Fertilize once every 15-20 days during the vigorous growth period and stop during winter dormancy. The concentration of fertilizer water should be 0.1-0.2%(10cm flower pot), and 10-15 grams per pot should be applied, which can be reduced according to the growth and size of the plants.

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