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Cheap 20 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers In China

The leaves of Canna are as wide spread as plantains(3 gallon pots wholesale). The green leaf group has huge and gorgeous flowers, so it has a natural and unrestrained charm. It can also be cut into vases. Canna root and stem can be used as medicine(5 gallon pots wholesale). It has the effect of clearing away heat and promoting dampness. It can treat acute cholestatic hepatitis. Flower has the effect of hemostasis.

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Leaves alternate, 30 to 40 cm long, entire, long oval, pointed at the top, with obvious parallel veins(plastic plant pots price), petioles sheath like, raceme composed of more than ten flowers, usually people mistakenly think it is petal, in fact, it is 5 petal like stamens and a flat petal like pistil, with bright colors, including bright red, pink, white, purple(128 cell propagation trays wholesale), orange yellow or orange red freckles, according to the plant Height can be divided into three types: short type, medium type and high type.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers in china)Canna is also an indicator of harmful gases(7 gallon pots wholesale). The method of plant division is important for propagation, and the method of sowing is only used for the cultivation of new varieties. The method of plant division is simple and has a high survival rate. When the budding eyes start to sprout around April of the Spring Festival(32 cell propagation trays wholesale), the tubers stored in the room or excavated from the ground are divided into several pieces according to 2 to 3 buds, dried and then planted.

Like wet, root can withstand short-term waterlogging, the soil requirements are not high, but like fertile, wet drainage good deep soil(2.5 inch succulent pot). Canna likes to have plenty of sunshine, but it is afraid of strong light and is very sensitive to frost and cold. Buddha bead is one of our most common potted flowers, which belongs to the fleshy vines. In chlorine polluted areas(15 gallon pots wholesale), when the leaves lose green and the flowers fall off, people are warned to pay attention to protection. 

Canna likes sunshine(gallon flower pots). When it comes to early frost or low temperature around 0 degrees in autumn, the aboveground stems, leaves and flowers will gradually wither, and its nature will be strong. In the development period, it should be given enough water to keep the soil moist. Apply fertilizer 1 to 2 times before flowering, and apply more fertilizer properly during flowering(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). When it is sunny, the plant is flourishing, with high flowering rate and good flowers.(cheap 20 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers in china)

How to breed Buddha beads? Canna flesh tuber is thick(deep propagation trays), almost all kinds of garden gardens, flower beds have been planted, potted plants can be placed in the court Gallery, warm and hot climate, choose loose and fertile rural soil to screen, Buddha drop orchid, also known as emerald beads, for perennial evergreen creeping flesh herbaceous flowers, flower world(plant pot 12cm), Compositae, Senecio It is native to the subtropical region of Southwest Africa. Canna likes to be wet. 

Banana perennial perennial herbaceous flowers, plant height 1 to 2 meters(plastic hanging baskets for sale). The leaves are plump and round, very similar to the ancient Buddha beads. The stems and leaves are naturally drooping and gently swaying with the breeze. What are the maintenance methods? Let's have a look(1 gallon pots wholesale). Buddha beads need to be cool, dry, all day sunshine, loose soil under the circumstances of development, resistance to half shade, fear of waterlogging, fear of sultry, humid perishable.(cheap 20 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers in china)

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