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It is usually necessary to artificially optimize the preparation of potting soil according to the needs of various nutrients in the indoor growth process of cactus to coordinate the relationship among various factors such as water(105 cell seed starter trays), fertilizer, gas and heat in the basin. Factors to be considered in the preparation of cactus potting soil: The potting soil should have a certain permeability: during the growth process of the potted cactus, its roots should undergo respiratory activities(seedling trays). The potting soil is poorly ventilated, the oxygen supply in the soil is insufficient, and the carbon dioxide is increased, which causes the roots to rot.

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(cheap 20 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers usa)Potting soil should be rich in organic matter: pottery soil with high organic matter content(1 gallon plastic pots), high fertility, long fertilizer efficiency, good water retention and fertilizer retention, and can release all kinds of nutrients in a balanced manner during cactus plant growth, and promote cactus normal. Growing. The soil of the potting soil should be loose: the potting soil should have a suitable pH: the cactus prefers to grow in a neutral or slightly acidic soil environment(15 gallon nursery pots), and the optimum soil pH should be around 6-7.

Common materials for basin soil preparation: in addition to common sandy loam(5 gallon nursery pots), humus soil, peat soil, wood chips, river sand, peat ash, humus soil, garden soil, sawdust, muck, etc., there are also vermiculite and perlite. Bone meal, superphosphate, etc. Among them, vermiculite and perlite have many voids, light texture, strong drainage, and asepticity(2 gallon flower pots). They are neutral or alkaline, lacking fertility, and can be sprinkled on the surface of the basin soil, which is both moisturizing and hygienic.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers usa)The roots of cactus plants are very sensitive to hypoxia, and loose soil is good for aeration and permeable(200 cell seed starter trays). Bone meal and superphosphate are mixed into the potting soil as the base fertilizer, which can mainly promote the flowering result of cactus plants. The formula of commonly used potting soil: 4 parts of humus soil, 4 parts of idyllic loam and 2 parts of net sand. Practice has proved that the potting soil prepared by this method is more suitable for the growth of cactus(10 gallon plant pot). 4 parts of humus soil, 4 parts of idyllic loam, 2 parts of wood chips or cooked coal ash, this formula can also achieve good cultivation results.

There are three advantages to using sawdust instead of net sand: first, the weight of the potting soil is reduced and easy to handle(spill trays wholesale); second, the wood chips make the water retention and fertilizer retention of the potting soil improved; third, the nutrient content of the wood chips is richer than the net sand, and the decomposition Slow, very beneficial to the growth of edible cactus. However, it should be pointed out that the wood chips can be used after being fermented before use(7 gallon plant pots). It is easier to obtain cooked coal ash. It is characterized by light texture and obvious effect on improving the physical and chemical properties of the pot. It is worthy of promotion.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic planters wholesale suppliers usa)After the potting soil is formulated, it should be disinfected: exposed and disinfected(32 cell seed starter trays). Bake and disinfect. Put the prepared potting soil in the pot, stir it with a shovel after the fire, until the soil rises to a high temperature, usually 20 to 30 minutes after heating. Disinfection of the medicament. Before the upper pot, use the 0.3% potassium permanganate or 40% formalin solution to evenly pour the potting soil, then seal the cover with a plastic film(perlite supply), open it for 2 days, then dry it for 1~2 days, after the liquid is evaporated. You can go to the basin.

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