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Once the late blight occurs, then a large number of pathogens continue to spread and invade(1 gallon plant pots). This disease poses a great threat to potato cultivation. This article will mainly talk about the occurrence and control methods of potato late blight(nursery trays). The germs are more likely to occur in a high humidity environment, and the best development environment is the temperature of white warm and cold night.

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The temperature is about 20 °, and the relative humidity is above 95%(72 cell seed trays). Under these conditions, the germs form sporangia and germinate zoospores through water and spread; the spreading speed is very fast and can cause pandemic in one to two weeks(1020 trays). The germs use mycelium to survive the winter in potato blocks. If seeded germs are sown, they often lead to no germination and die directly; or they become diseased plants and spread sporangia around.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)In general, sporangia can also follow the water to produce soil damage, which can cause potatoes to become diseased and become the source of disease for the coming year(blow molded nursery pots). If the disease is selected, it will cause cyclic damage. Seed selection is the first step in controlling late blight. Strict selection and elimination of diseases are necessary(plastic plant trays). When planting field blocks, select fields with loose soil and good drainage performance for planting.

Reasonable pruning, topping and pruning(7 gallon nursery pots). It is suggested that spraying sodium dichloroisocyanurate on the surface of crops can slowly release hypochlorous acid. Experienced farmer friends may know that it must be infected with late blight. And reasonably reduce field humidity and reduce the spread of germs(2 gallon plant pots). So it is not continuous cropping with solanaceous crops. Rotation with cruciferous vegetables. Weeds should be removed in time to maintain field hygiene. 

The planting density should be reasonable to achieve the effect of ventilation and dehumidification(10 gallon pots). Reasonable fertilizer and water management, control the amount of irrigation water. The base fertilizer should be sufficient, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be added in time to avoid partial nitrogen fertilizer application(3 gallon plant pots). The drug is selected sodium dichloroisocyanurate or kasugamycin + king copper for prevention and treatment.(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)

By denaturing bacterial proteins, infecting the enzyme system physiology and biochemistry, and affecting DNA synthesis, the pathogenic bacteria can die quickly(5 gallon pots). Kasugamycin + King Tong belongs to a compound medicament, which has both protection and treatment of a combined fungicide(200 cell plug trays). Kasugamycin inhibits the growth of pathogenic mycelium, and King Tong kills germinated pathogenic spores by releasing copper ions, and it is easy to hang it in this season.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers china)However, problems such as low emergence rate and poor growth of seedlings have occurred, and continuous cropping and rejection are rejected(15 gallon pots). Generally, the soil is sufficient for the plant material to breathe. This is basically the same as other succulents. The jasper lotus grows fast, and watering is usually sufficient as long as the water does not accumulate(decorative plant pots). The focus is on the summer, because the jasmine lotus is dormant in the summer.

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