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Cheap 20 Gallon Plastic Pots Manufacturers Ireland

Generally speaking, the soil in the north is alkaline, and the water is alkaline, so the iron ions in the soil are often fixed, which leads to iron deficiency in flowers(18 cell seed starting trays). Some acid flowers in the south, such as gardenia, Magnolia, camellia, Rhododendron and so on, grow poorly in the north and cause yellowing(128 cell plug tray). Alum fertilizer water changed the alkaline soil, which was very suitable for some acid loving flowers and trees in the south.

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The correct way to apply flower fertilizer with eggshell is to return the eggshell fully and take its water as topdressing(20 cell seed trays), which can avoid harm and benefit and is conducive to the growth of flowers. Alum for the prevention and control of yellow disease has a marvelous effect, all with alum water irrigated Southern acid flowers, are luxuriant and robust growth(4 inch square greenhouse pots). Black alum is usually used in combination with fertilizer to form a fertilizer water.(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers ireland)

It can promote the vigorous growth of potted flowers by applying liquid flower fertilizer regularly(5 gallon flower pots). Alum water can not only irrigate flowers and trees, but also spray leaves, and spread alum in flowerpots. Bordeaux solution is a kind of sky blue liquid made of copper sulfate and lime milk. Due to the influence of sulfate radical, alum fertilizer water is slightly acidic, with pH 5.6-6.7(1 gallon nursery pots). When changing the basin, it should be filled with very rich soil such as organic matter.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers ireland)After half of the alum fertilizer water supernatant is used(plastic seed trays), fresh water can be added immediately, and then it can be used again until the concentration of the fertilizer solution is too thin and the fertilizer effect is not good, then it is prepared again according to the above proportion(3.5 inch square plastic pots). The flowers that grow vigorously and like the sun can be applied more, while the flowers growing slowly and under the shade should be applied less.

The preparation method of alum fertilizer water is as follows: mix 0.5 kg black rock, 1 kg cake fertilizer, 2 kg chicken manure and 40 kg water(105 cell seed trays wholesale), put them into the jar, and expose them to the sun for about 20 days. When all of them are decomposed into black liquid, the flowers can be watered with clear liquid from the upper part(15cm plant pots). The application time, if the plant is old and healthy, method, dosage and dilution concentration varied with different flowers.(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers ireland)

Because plants can only absorb soluble ferrous salts, but in alkaline soil, iron ions are insoluble trivalent iron salts, which can not be absorbed by plants(32 cell seed trays wholesale). In the prevention and control of flower diseases, if the plant is relatively young, the commonly used proportion is copper sulfate: Lime: water = 1:1:200, that is, 0.5% of the same amount of Bordeaux solution(15 gallon plant pots); the ratio of 1:1:100 can be used. Bordeaux should be prepared in casks or jars.

(cheap 20 gallon plastic pots manufacturers ireland)The selected lime shall be block ash without impurities(200 cell plug trays supplier). It is alkaline and the effective component is alkaline copper sulfate. It has been widely used for many years because of its easy preparation, many kinds of disease prevention and remarkable efficacy. It can prevent black pox, downy mildew, brown spot, anthracnose, white rot, damping off, Pear Rust and other diseases(16cm plant pots). Therefore, physiological iron deficiency chlorosis is formed.

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