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Cheap 20 cm Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots Manufacturer

When 1-2 pieces of true leaves are used(propagation tray), the seedlings are 4 cm apart, and the seedlings, weak seedlings and hybrids are removed, leaving large seedlings and strong seedlings. At the same time, the first shallow tillage was carried out. When 4~5 leaves are fixed, the seedlings are 6~10 cm, and the second cultivating loose soil is carried out(seed starter trays). Keep the soil moist. Weeds were manually removed immediately after emergence.(cheap 20 cm plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)

Lettuce is known as the "Queen of Vegetables", rich in various vitamins and trace elements(cell trays); the leaves and leaves contain lettuce, can relieve pain and hypnosis, lower cholesterol; contain interferon inducer, can stimulate the body to produce anti-viral protein, inhibit The efficacy of the virus. The temperature is too high and easy to twitch. It is too low and affects growth(wholesale greenhouse pots. Only when the temperature is maintained between 18 and 25 degrees can it grow better.

Carrot seedlings need less fertilizer, and the bottom fertilizer is generally not considered top dressing(gallon nursery pots). Do not flood the water or suddenly dry and wet, which is prone to cracking. So what should we do? The green lettuce is placed in a separate place for easy management(greenhouse supplies pots). Select a flower pot with 6-8 holes at the bottom of the rectangle and place a well-prepared seedling substrate in the pot. Watering should be done lightly, evenly and properly.

(cheap 20 cm plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)In the fleshy root expansion period, topdressing should be carried out to promote rhizome enlargement(plug trays), and the whole growth period is generally followed by topdressing 2~3 times. Lettuce is a kind of leafy dish that many people like to eat. The red color is bright red blood and green green is attractive(plastic grow pots). Let's take a look at the cultivation methods of potted lettuce. Lettuce belongs to a kind of warm and moist variety.

The first choice is to rationally configure the seedling substrate(black plastic plant pots), and select the excellent peat soil plus the fully decomposed organic fertilizer perlite meteorite in a ratio of 10:2:1:1, and mix well. Place the installed flower pots in a greenhouse, and lay the bottom of the pots with a ground cloth to prevent the growth of weeds from pests and diseases and affect the yield of vegetables(flat plastic tray). It has two kinds of red lettuce and green lettuce.(cheap 20 cm plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)

Then pour the pots through the water for later use(square nursery pots). The lettuce seedlings that were raised in advance were transplanted in the order of three rows and eight trees. The red lettuce should be as much water as possible, and then promote the formation of red pigment to make the leaves more bright red(4.13inch plastic plant pots). Green lettuce should also see as much light as possible to promote the formation of chlorophyll and make the leaves thicker and deeper.

(cheap 20 cm plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)The red lettuce is placed in a separate place(gallon plant pot). In the early stage of the disease, 50% chlorhexidine WP 1000 times solution, or 50% carbendazim WP 800 times solution, or 50% thiram double WP 500 times solution, or 40% sterilized danthenic powder can be used. 400 times solution, or 64% anti-virus WP WP 500 times solution, or 50% keeling WP 1000 times solution, or 70% mancozeb WP 400 times solution(3.94inch plastic nursery pots), spray every 7 days 1 time, even spray 3-4 times.

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