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The method of the upper basin: Before the upper basin(seed propagation trays), choose the flower pot with the appropriate size and depth. The new basin should be soaked with water first. This is called “annealing”; the old pot often has water stagnant eggs and alkaline substances, which are in the water. Soak for a few hours, brush and clean. In the upper basin, first put some broken tiles, gravel, charcoal blocks or 1 to 3 cm thick river sand at the bottom of the basin, then fill in the appropriate amount of potting soil(wholesale nursery pots), and then put the cactus seed or young plants in the basin. central.

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(cheap 200 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers panama)Then add soil to the pot, and gently fill the young plant while filling the soil(18 cell seed starting trays), and then compact it slightly so that the root or stem pieces are in close contact with the potting soil, and the potting soil is filled to about 2 to 3 cm from the pot. The upper basin is moistened with soil, that is, it is kneaded into a group, and it is scattered at a glance. After the basin is placed, it should be kept in the sheltered and shaded area(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If it is dry, you can spray water to protect the seedlings at any time. Generally, it should be watered after 3 to 5 days to prevent the roots from decaying and shrinking.

To change the soil is to remove the old soil, replace it with new soil, and add the base fertilizer(20 cell seed starting trays), sort out the roots, cut off the roots, rotten roots and long roots. To enlarge the pot diameter is to replace a pot with a larger pot diameter to ensure that the root system has sufficient vegetative growth space. When turning over the basin, it should be slightly dry. When the basin is removed, the bottom of the basin is turned to the sky, and the outer wall of the basin is tapped with the palm of the hand, and the root group will come out(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Be careful to shake off the old soil after removing the pot, and cut off the rotten roots, the dead roots and the long roots.

(cheap 200 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers panama)Turning the basin: Turning the basin is mainly to change the soil and enlarge the basin diameter(40 cell seed starting trays). Roots infected with pathogens and pests should be cut off. After moving into a new flower pot, pour the water and put it in the shade for about 10 days to resume normal growth. Do not fertilize the plants after the rinsing in 1 to 2 months, and then apply the fertilizer after the plants enter the growth period(black plastic nursery pots). The number of turn basins is ideal once a year. Watering. Although the cactus is a succulent plant, it is more drought-tolerant and will not completely die even if it is not poured in January.

But to make it healthy, it must be watered. Winter: Water is poured about every 20 days or so(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The time for watering is chosen at noon at a higher temperature. If the room is relatively dry, leaf surface water spray can be used to keep the stems green, and after the plants enter the dormant period, they can not be watered. Spring: As the temperature rises, the number of watering can be increased appropriately(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Generally, it is not dried or poured, and poured. When the temperature rises to about 20 degrees, it is generally appropriate to pour once every 7 to 10 days.(cheap 200 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers panama)

Summer: The temperature is high, the evaporation is large, and the growth is strong(104 cell seed starting trays). It is the season with the largest amount of water for edible cactus. Generally, it needs to be watered once every 3 to 5 days. When the temperature rises above 30 degrees, in order to keep the stems swelled. To increase the ornamental, it is best to spray the cactus stems 1 to 2 times every morning and evening. Autumn: Gradually reduced. Potted watering should also pay attention to water temperature and water quality(plastic nursery pots). The water is neutral or slightly acidic, and it is best to use it for two days before pouring it with tap water.

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