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Cheap 200mm Plastic Plant Pots For Sale Saudi Arabia

Crab-claw is a relatively good plant, usually flowering in winter(4.92inch plastic plant pots), but many people's crab claws are not very lush, if you want to make the crab claws in the family more dense, grafting Is a good way, how to graft the crab claws? Next, let Xiaobian teach you 3 minutes, the novice can also easily complete(plastic nursery pots)! The benefits of grafting of crab claw orchid, better growth after grafting, easy to form; grafting can effectively reduce Bad root problem.(cheap 200mm plastic plant pots for sale saudi arabia)

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Because the temperature is suitable, the survival rate is high, and the grafted and propagated crab claw orchid grows vigorously and has a higher ornamental value(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). The plants grafted with Crab-claw can choose cactus, fairy column, tiger thorn, triangular arrow, dragon fruit and other plants as rootstocks. Cactus is generally chosen as the rootstock. The scion should be used for more than one year or vigorously growing branches, and the part with the top is ideal(black plastic nursery pots). It is about 8-10 cm long. The tender new branches should not be used as scions.

First choose the rootstock, and today teach you to use the yellow big thorn cactus to graft the crab claw orchid(4.72inch plastic plant pots), the survival rate is very high. If you choose to graft on top, first sterilize the knife with alcohol, then cross-cut at the top and disinfect the incision. After cutting, you will see that the cut surface is divided into two parts, the outer one is the epidermis, the middle is the pith(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the best position for the insertion of the crab claw is between the epidermis and the pith, where the wound heals faster.

(cheap 200mm plastic plant pots for sale saudi arabia)Don't use new leaves or too old leaves, use the strong blades in the middle part(plastic potting pots). Use a sterile knife to cut the bottom of the crab claw into a wedge shape, and slightly leak a little white part. Insert the crab claw orchid leaves into the incision of the cactus, and try to connect the center line of the leaf with the thorn seat of the cactus. The thorn seat is the nutrient passage of the cactus, which makes it easier to survive(plug trays wholesale). After the insertion, fix it with a toothpick or a clip.

First disinfect with alcohol at the location to be grafted, then cut the knife 1.5 cm above the upper part of the lancet(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). The width of the incision and the scion are close, and the scion can be inserted. After grafting, the crab claw orchid needs to avoid the wind, avoid direct sunlight, avoid rain, and then water the graft after 10 days. If the crab claw orchid leaves are not wilted after more than ten days, it means that the grafting is successful(wholesale nursery pots). Here is the crab claw successfully grafted by the flower friend. Lan, already has a small flower, is not very magical.

It is easier to take care after grafting and it is easy to burst(4.33inch plastic plant pots). Sharp knife, low concentration potassium permanganate solution or alcohol, toothpicks, clips. Use a knife to cut in the formation layer, not too wide, and the width of the inserted crab claws is similar, so that the grafted wound is small and recovers quickly. In addition to the horizontal insertion, you can also insert it vertically(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Use a knife to cut a hole about 1.5 cm deep above the lancet, insert the scion into it, and then fix it.(cheap 200mm plastic plant pots for sale saudi arabia)

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