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Cheap 210mm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Supplier

Visible, and root top dressing and root dressing can be, as long as we can control the concentration(cell trays). For many flower plants, the production method of nutrient solution is also very simple. The following is a small series of spray nutrient solution, for example, how to make a nutrient solution for making a tree(square nursery pots). We can collect some of the ash, and then use the ash to make nutrient solution to foliar the tops of the tree.

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The following is the production process of the plant ash nutrient solution(propagation tray). Take 10 grams of ash, then dissolve it in 500 ml of water, which is basically the volume of a mineral water bottle; after dissolving and diluting, let the solution stand for a while, about 5 minutes(seed starter trays). After about 5 minutes, use a gauze to cover the mouth of another empty mineral water bottle, and filter the grass ash solution through the gauze to separate the residue from the solution.(cheap 210mm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

Because the filtered ash ash solution is generally poured into a small watering can, and then sprayed evenly on the rich tree with a watering can to top dress(gallon nursery pots). For evergreen plants such as the rich tree, it can often be used for the purpose of top dressing, so that the branches and leaves of the plant grow more and stronger, and the leaves are more green(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, the fortune tree that often sprays the grass ash solution tends to grow better, and the ornamental value of the potted plant is also higher.

To promote its growth, we can use some nutrient solution for it(plug trays). However, the amount of foliar fertilizer must be controlled, usually once a week. In the spraying process, the whole plant should be sprayed through, and the front and back sides of each leaf should be sprayed evenly as much as possible. This can not only achieve the purpose of top dressing, but also the effect of controlling the insect pests, especially for aphids(greenhouse supplies pots). In addition to rainy days and winters, it is necessary to ensure that the air in the environment is maintained.

(cheap 210mm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)The water and fertilizer infiltrate well, and the cuttings of the rich tree, the flower friends will ask, how can the rich tree be propagated(black plastic plant pots)? At the same time, in addition to preparing enough grass and ash, two mineral water bottles and a gauze and a watering can are needed. Of course there is clear water(plastic grow pots). Since the grass ash solution contains a large amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, can the rich tree be used with nutrient solution? The rich tree can use the nutrient solution properly in the daily maintenance process.

First, it should be trimmed in time, and the dense, long, and diseased branches should be cut off to enhance the translucency of the plants(gallon plant pot). Second, it is necessary to clean the dust on the leaf surface. The excessive dust on the leaf surface not only affects the appearance, but also reduces the photosynthesis, resulting in yellowing of the leaves(flat plastic tray). In the indoor breeding of rich trees, the reasons for ventilation, light and humidity, pests and diseases are difficult to avoid, the key is to take preventive measures.(cheap 210mm plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

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