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Cheap 24 Cell Seed Trays Wholesale Price Canada

I have visited so far and found that most large commercial nurseries use plastic pots to grow plants because the plants they produce are robust and the production line is highly efficient(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Most horticultural centers sell plants with plastic pots because the nursery is supplied in this way. Calla Lily symbolizes the character of Gao De, the good love, and the symbol of good fortune(propagation tray). So everyone is planting in the family, so how to plant the calla lily?(cheap 24 cell seed trays wholesale price)

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Let Xiaobian do a brief introduction for everyone today. soil. Calla Lily's soil requirements are very simple(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). When planting calla lily, it is best to choose shallow pots. Do not use deep pots, such as boiled pots. The soil should be dominated by sandy soil, and then one-third of the garden soil is mixed with one-fifth of the organic fertilizer in the soil. The roots of the calla are spherical, and the breeding is also divided into balls(plug trays). Therefore, the roots are required to have good gas permeability. A layer of coarse sand or cinder should be placed on the bottom of the pot.

(cheap 24 cell seed trays wholesale price canada)Watering. Calla lily is native to southern Africa(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). It prefers a warm and humid environment and is not resistant to drought. Therefore, it must be watered in time to ensure that the soil is moist and not water. Calla Lily is known as the "immortal calla". If the environment is dry, it needs to be sprayed on the ground to keep the growth environment of the calla lily long-term moist(gallon plant pot). Therefore, it must be fully watered during planting, growing and flowering.

The planting of calla must keep the soil moist, but after the flowering period, it is necessary to reduce the watering(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), which is good for dormancy. illumination. Calla Lily "likes long light and does not like glare", especially in summer, it is the most taboo. So place it in a well-lit area and move it farther away from the window in summer(seed starting trays). However, if there is insufficient light in the calla lily period, it will only twitch and not bloom, and even the flower buds will gradually turn green and dry.(cheap 24 cell seed trays wholesale price canada)

There is no need to shading in spring and autumn(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Fertilization. Pay attention to the amount of fertilization during the growth of calla. If excessive fertilization will cause the leaves of calla to turn yellow, if the lack of fertilizer will grow and develop poorly, it is necessary to pay attention to the application of the base fertilizer, preferably the horseshoe. Calla lily is planted in shallow pots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), so the nutrients in the pots are not enough to support the growth of calla, so it is necessary to use thin fertilizers and constantly replenish the pots and nutrients.(cheap 24 cell seed trays wholesale price canada)

Temperature. Calla Lily enjoys warm climate, prefers temperature climate, is not cold-resistant(square nursery pots), does not withstand high temperature, and has a suitable temperature of about 20 °C. At 0 °C, the rhizome will be frozen and die. Winter must pay attention to antifreeze, and the growth of calla needs ample sunshine, less light, less shade, slightly shade. The above is about the planting method of calla lily, I hope to help everyone(gallon nursery pots). The rhizome of calla is poisonous and can cause death in severe cases, so be careful not to let the children at home or the animals that are active to avoid accidents.

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