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Some flower friends found that they didn't know when to start the turtle's back bamboo and grew a lot of gas roots(plastic terracotta pots), and the growth is still relatively fast. Many plants of the genus Araceae have the characteristics of long roots, such as our common green radish, you will find that the shoots have germination of almost roots in almost every section(cheap large plastic plant pots), and other families also have aerial roots listed.

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In order to extract more nutrients, their instinctive multiple roots(20 gallon nursery pots), especially when the ambient humidity is relatively large, are more likely to take root. These aerial roots can help plants get more nutrients, but for us, sometimes the roots can be used as an ornamental part, but sometimes it is unsightly, so whether we keep or cut it, we can The impact on plants is not great(decorative plastic plant pots). Finally, the editor can tell the flower friends very responsibly and can cut it off. 

First of all, its aerial roots are relatively strong and large, and they are all normal(nursery pots bulk). I will continue to say something else. Sometimes the turtle's bamboo roots grow into the soil. This situation is normal. For plants, not only can they be used as support points, but they can also get nutrients(plastic potting containers). Just like corn, the corn roots can be found in a circle around the roots of the corn poles, all of which grow in the soil, which makes the plants more stable.

Mainly in nature, the aerial roots of the monstera are somewhat exaggerated compared to other plants(plastic planters wholesale). The rooting of the turtle's bamboo has another effect, that is, when cutting propagation, if we keep a branch on the cuttings Air rooting, the chances of successful breeding are very high. According to the flower friend, the long-rooted roots of plants are a good performance(plastic nursery pots for sale). If you plant a plant, it will not grow so easily.

In the hot summer time, although in the rest of the season(propagation pots), this period of time, to be watered in real time, it will be able to, in May, June, September and October watering. Spring and Autumn is the development period of Jinhu, the time of spring and early autumn, around May and September, it is the fastest time for its development(small plastic plant pots). Jinhuxian human ball, short thorns and long thorns, summer watering It is enough to be able to wet the surface without pouring it.

The reason why plants grow roots and roots, many flower friends want to know the air roots of the monstera can be cut(plastic garden pots wholesale)? Especially the better turtles, the seeds must be germinated before planting, the first step is to use water Soak the seeds, then wash the mucus on the surface of the seeds, then soak the seeds in water of fifty-five to sixty degrees(grower pot), then continue to stir. After the water temperature reaches normal temperature, soak for five to six hours.

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