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Cheap 288 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale

Before the substrate is loaded, the substrate should be sprayed with water and mixed well(black plastic plant pots). After the seedlings are kept, the temperature is maintained at 23-25 °C during the day to prevent the occurrence of "high seedlings". After emergence, it should be timely watered according to the moisture content of the substrate. When the surface of the substrate is dry and loose, watering should be carried out in time. In the rainy days, the number of watering can be reduced appropriately. After 2 weeks of emergence, spring spring liquid fertilizer or Huimanfeng liquid fertilizer should be sprayed in time(square nursery pots). At the same time, it is necessary to properly control the water to promote the healthy growth of the seedlings.

(cheap 288 cell seedling trays wholesale)It is necessary to timely control seedling pests and diseases(gallon plant pot). Seedlings of nutrient substrate are less likely to cause pests and diseases at the seedling stage. Seedlings can be controlled in time according to the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in the seedling stage. The diseases in tomato seedlings mainly include rickets, blight, etc. The main pests are aphids. Fungal diseases such as squatting disease and blight of seedling stage can be controlled by 800 times of seedlings, 64% of anti-virus cockroaches 500 times(greenhouse supplies pots), and aphids can be sprayed with 10% imidacloprid 2000 times.

In the Huai'an area, the early-growing greenhouse tomatoes can be sown in early December(gallon nursery pots), and the spring-opening tomatoes can be sown in the middle and late December. Seedling transportation. The roots of the matrix seedlings are developed, and can be compacted into a solid root stalk. When the seedlings are planted, they can be taken out together with the substrate. In order to facilitate the emergence of the seedlings, the water is appropriately watered one day before the start of the seedlings(seed starter trays). The seedlings can be transported in a special box seedling transport box. When planting, it should be taken lightly and implanted with the roots.

(cheap 288 cell seedling trays wholesale)Potted vegetable seedlings have better advantages than ground seedlings: slow seedlings(plug trays), five days after transplanting can completely slow down the seedlings, shorten the number of growth cycles accurately, and the seedlings can be accurate to one, and the ground nursery can only calculate a hundred pests and diseases. , tray seedlings to prevent soil-borne diseases. During the period of tomato seedlings, it is necessary to maximize the time for seeing the seedlings(plastic grow pots). In the case of rainy and snowy weather, the grass curtains should be removed as soon as possible during the rain and snow suspension.

Several things need to be paid attention to in potted seedlings: the number of seeds in the tray is generally controlled in two to three grains(cell trays), and the time seedlings are kept moist before the capping, the emergence rate is high, and the shell is softened and grows consistently. In the daytime, spray Pulik and dysentery to prevent catastrophic disease. After two leaves and one heart, spray the foliar fertilizer in time to maintain the nutrients needed for growth(wholesale greenhouse pots). In the summer, after the two leaves and one heart, start using paclobutrazol to prevent prolongation.

(cheap 288 cell seedling trays wholesale)Open-air seedling greatly reduced the cultivation cost of strawberry container seedlings(propagation tray). Tomato seedling nutrient substrate seedling technology is a breakthrough new technology in tomato cultivation. It has the following advantages compared with conventional nutrient seedlings: plug seedling sprouting Keep moist before, prevent is relatively simple. By August 10th, 22,000 strawberry seedlings had been bred in a shed(flat plastic tray), and it is expected that by the end of August, 25,000 strawberry seedlings will be able to meet the requirements.

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