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Cheap 288 Plug Nursery Tray Manufacturers

Especially in the later period, the plant can grow more than 1 meter high, so its roots are also relatively thick, and it is best to use deep pots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In the early stage of the growth of scented flowers, shallow pots can be used for planting, but when the plants grow vigorously, they need to be replaced with deep pots(plastic plant trays wholesale). However, if they are directly planted in deep pots, the process of changing the pots in the middle is avoided, and the growth of the roots is more favorable.

(cheap 288 plug nursery tray manufacturers)It can provide enough nutrients at the roots to promote the growth of plants and roots(gallon pot), but it needs to loosen the soil every 3 months during the planting process. The potted plants can be selected from the potted plants. The pots have many styles, various shapes and good ventilation. They can reduce the accumulation of water in the pots(gallon planters supplier). The drainage capacity and ventilation capacity are relatively high, and the growth of the roots is high. Has a promoting effect.

Therefore, the success rate of hydroponic flowering during this period is the highest, which is conducive to plant growth in water(nursery plant pots). Under normal circumstances, the branches and leaves cannot be removed blindly for cutting, and the hydroponic culture method is also very simple. It is necessary to remove the branches and leaves near the base from the two-year-old silk flower, and take 20 to 30 cm of fat and strong branches and leaves(bulk half gallon pots). Therefore, it is best to plant silk flowers in deep pots.

(cheap 288 plug nursery tray manufacturers)They can also be planted in pots.  It needs to be hydroponically cultured at a temperature between 18 and 25 °C(seed starting trays). Change the water every other week. When the water is cultured, the roots must be easily rotted, so it is necessary to prun the roots in time. It needs to be replanted into moist sand to root, or it can be directly rooted in water(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Nutrients are easy to maintain balance. Field soil rapid testing can test whether soil nutrients are balanced. 

It can also promote the rapid rooting and sprouting of the branches and leaves(large plastic terracotta pots), which is conducive to the growth of the flowers in the water, and also promotes its rapid rooting. Also prepare a glass bottle with a diameter of 10cm and a depth of 8~15cm as a container, inject one third of the water into it, insert the branches into the clear water to make rooting(cheap 2 gallon container), and the hydroponic culture should be placed under astigmatism for maintenance.

(cheap 288 plug nursery tray manufacturers)The selection of flower pots is very important(square grow pots), so whether the flowers are deep basins or shallow pots, the growth speed of silk flower growth is very fast. Under the integrated measures of water and fertilizer, the formula is applied and the fertilizer is applied to ensure the efficient use of nutrients. In the water and fertilizer integration technology mode(3 gallon pots manufacturer), even if the soil testing formula is applied, the formula fertilizer is applied during the conventional fertilization.

It is also not conducive to the rooting of scented flowers. Deep potting can store a large amount of soil and water(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). First, the wounds of the branches and leaves are carved into several mouths, and the wounds are soaked in the root water, and wait for 3 to 5 minutes to be taken out of the container. This not only prevents bacteria from infecting the wound, but the flower can usually be hydroponically cultured all year round(bulk 4 gallon pots) , but it is best to hydroponic culture from May to June.

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