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The technology of seedling tray high-breeding was promoted(wholesale greenhouse pots), and 2,000 mu of strawberry seedlings were bred to form a technical specification for strawberry standardized container seedling production, and a strawberry seedling raising base was established. According to statistics, the annual total new output value of the project reached 8.74 million yuan, of which the annual total new profit reached 5.18 million yuan(288 cell trays bulk), the annual average net income per unit size was 2,590 yuan, and the project input-output ratio reached 1:17.27.

(cheap 3 gal plastic nursery pots manufacturer)Compared with the traditional bare root seedlings, the planting date of the plug seedlings is flexible(growing trays). The breeding strawberry seedlings have strong disease resistance, the number of medications is reduced, the harvesting is advanced, the yield is increased, the quality is improved, the produced products reach the pollution-free standard, and the environmental pollution of the land and atmosphere is reduced(112 cell seed trays), the ecological environment is further improved, and the agriculture is promoted. sustainable development.

The main push technology suitable for different planting links is to carry out comprehensive comparative experimental research and demonstration application in the large-scale strawberry planting base(seed starter trays), and then promote it in a large area. Including the selection of 9 test plots, the second generation of virus-free strawberry seedlings, breeding for a long time, sweet Charlie 2 strawberry varieties and the establishment of a technical team of strawberry breeding practitioners(20 cell plant trays), to provide a sure guarantee for the successful promotion of strawberry tray high-tech breeding.

(cheap 3 gal plastic nursery pots manufacturer)Achieved a 10% increase in economic benefits per mu(plastic garden pots). The economic benefits have increased significantly. The wide application of the project technology, the establishment of strawberry seedling breeding system, to provide farmers with high-quality strawberry seedlings, to alleviate the shortage of strawberry production seedlings. It grows fast(plug trays). Compared with the bare root seedlings, the root system of the plug seedlings is not lost, and is in close contact with the soil. increase survival rate by 14% to 18%. 

The use of plug-in high-tech seedling technology has the following innovations: The loss rate of plug seedlings after transplanting is only 1% ~ 2%(square nursery pots), while the loss rate of bare root seedlings can reach 15% ~ 20%. You can wait for the harvest and land preparation of the previous crops. After planting for several weeks, you can plant them in cold storage or move to the mountains for vernalization(10 gallon plant pot). All the planned indicators have been completed during the implementation period of the project to improve labor efficiency. 

(cheap 3 gal plastic nursery pots manufacturer)According to local conditions(greenhouse pots), the key technical directions for the feasibility of large-scale, standardized and safe planting of strawberry seedlings have been determined. The seedlings can be mechanically planted and the market is early. The strawberry industry has grown rapidly and steadily(plastic seedling trays). It is expected that the strawberry seedling high-tech breeding technology will be promoted in large areas next year, and the strawberry industry has shown a stable development trend.

Manual planting efficiency is also 10% higher than that of bare root seedlings(black plastic plant pots). After planting, there is no slow seedling period and it quickly enters the growing season. Reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. The bare root seedlings should be watered for several days after planting to absorb the slow seedling period, and the plug seedlings only need to be irrigated once after planting(gallon nursery pots), which can reduce the humidity in the field and control the occurrence of diseases. The planting date is flexible. 

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