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Cheap 3 Gal Plastic Plant Containers For Sale

Appropriate fertilization in limited potting soil is very important(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Now there are many ready-made fertilizers for sale in the flower market. There are many varieties available for selection. Basically, organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers are two types: organic fertilizers are organic plants such as animals and plants that are fermented by decay. It has a long-lasting effect and is beneficial to the improvement of the soil structure(21 cell trays bulk). The inorganic fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer and a mineral fertilizer.

The use of fertilizer can be completely determined by using waste such as food feet(plastic flower pots). After being decomposed, the liquid is diluted with nine times of water and used as a liquid fertilizer. It is suitable for spring and spring when sprouting leaves. Fish belly, chicken and duck intestines, meat bones (no salt, to be broken), shrimp and crab shells, feathers, egg shells, etc(32 cell trays bulk). add water two to three times, after decomposing, use the above liquid and add 12 times water to dilute the liquid fertilizer use.(cheap 3 gal plastic plant containers for sale)

The fertilizer is fast and not durable, and it is easy to use and has no odor, but it is often used to make the soil compact(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The vegetable skin, the broad bean shell, the melon peel and the like are added one to two times with water. After decomposing, they are diluted with the above liquid and added with 12 times of water for liquid fertilizer. The dried orange peel is inserted along the edge of the pot, the soil is covered, the water is poured normally(50 cell trays bulk), and the fertilizer is gradually rotted into fertilizer. Stinky, no insects.

Taomi water contains phosphate fertilizer, so it is better to add water to use rice water(wholesale nursery pots). Applicable before plant flowering. The above two kinds of fertilizers also contain potassium fertilizer. If you want to add potassium fertilizer, you can add 20% of the plant wood ash in the potting soil. The above can make the plants stronger and the root system more developed(10 gallon pots for plants). Soy beans, bean cakes, bean dregs, peanuts, rapeseed cakes, snails, shellfish, pigeons, ducks and ducks, etc. are added two to three times with water.

(cheap 3 gal plastic plant containers for sale)So for five minutes, the soil is hot and quickly replaced(black plastic nursery pots). When planting the soil, first lay a layer of soil in the tank, put all kinds of food in the house, the melon peel, the animal intestines, etc., and then lay a layer of ground soil, slightly compact, pour some rice water, after With a variety of lower feet and then spread on top, add a layer of ground soil, so that the layers are separated by a layer, mix and mix to make the mixture evenly(98 cell trays bulk), let it dry slowly, it can be used as a culture soil for later turn basin.

It is best to use a covered container. The large-mouth cylinder should be covered with a plastic film, and then tied with a rope(seed trays). When used, the chopped orange peel can be used to improve the odor. After many years of practice, I have some simple methods of fertilization for reference: First, the water of the meat, chicken and duck (do not add salt) should not be dumped(7 gallon planter), in the bottle, after three months of decomposing, add three-four Double water for liquid fertilizer, best for pomegranate fertilization.

Moreover, the number of flowers in the family is limited(15 cell trays bulk). In five to seven days, the fertilizer is infiltrated into the soil to see the fertilizer effect, and there is no odor. The foliage plants used for growth are the best, and can be used continuously for ten days without any fat damage. The orange peel is placed in the refrigerator to remove the odor and then dried into orange peel. When used, it is divided into small pieces(3 gallon nursery pot). The surface soil around the pot is loosened.(cheap 3 gal plastic plant containers for sale)

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