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Cheap 3 Gallon Nursery Container Wholesale Suppliers Canada

Negative temperature difference between day and night (night temperature is higher than daytime temperature of 3-6 degrees, more than 3 hours) is very effective for controlling plant height(50 cell seed starting trays). The production method is to reduce the temperature of three to four hours before and after sunrise. Reducing the temperature and humidity of the environment, replacing the ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and the urea fertilizer with nitrate nitrogen fertilizer, or reducing the amount of fertilizer used as a whole, increasing the light and other methods can inhibit the growth of plants(nursery pots wholesale). There are also some mechanical methods such as the dialing method, the vibration method and the increased air flow method, which can inhibit the growth of plants.

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(cheap 3 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)For example, if the tomato plants are moved several times a day, the plant height can be significantly reduced(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). This method is more suitable than avoiding damage to the leaves, and the leaves such as peppers are easily injured. Of course, if hormones are used, especially chlormequat, it will cause phytotoxicity. In addition to spraying the opposite hormone to relieve the effect, and appropriately increasing the water and ammonium nitrogen to promote growth(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), you can try to use the foliar spray of algae, which will have obvious effects.

What should I do with long moss on the surface of the substrate(105 cell seedling trays wholesale)? Reason: The water management is not in place, and the watering is too long; the matrix is too strong and the gas permeability is poor. Solution: Control the watering amount and watering frequency, and can be targeted according to the weather conditions. Use a more breathable matrix or mixed perlite to increase the permeability; after sowing, the surface of the substrate is covered with perlite or vermiculite(plug trays wholesale); the tray seedlings are absolutely not allowed to dry completely; otherwise, the water in the matrix is too saturated, which will cause roots. Hypoxia (0-2%).

(cheap 3 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)Why is the surface of the tray substrate dry and then plated, and it is difficult to re-water(128 cell seedling trays wholesale)? Cause: The tray substrate is over-stressed, causing the substrate to be too tight; the greenhouse temperature is high, the air is dry, the surface matrix capillary is dehydrated, and the water is difficult to absorb. Solution: Do not apply excessive pressure to the substrate, keep the substrate loose; keep the greenhouse with a certain amount of air humidity(black plastic nursery pots). Do not use hormones when plants are short of water, otherwise they may cause phytotoxicity.

Some vegetatives that are not infected with decay due to poor management or diseased plants(162 cell seed starting trays). The scion should generally be used with it. Sometimes, for some reason, it cannot be grafted immediately. The scion should be placed in a cool place. If the scion is atrophied for a long time, it can be immersed in a water tray for a while, and then grafted after it is saturated. Usually, the scion is too large or too small(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the survival rate is slightly smaller without affecting the operation.

(cheap 3 gallon nursery container wholesale suppliers canada)The realization of short stout seedlings, many breeders in the production practice will choose to use chemical growth regulators to regulate the height of the plant(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). This is a more efficient but dangerous approach. There are many sequelae of using hormones, and there are certain requirements for the method of use and environmental conditions. For example, chlormequat can only slowly enter the leaves when the leaves are wet(plastic nursery pots), so it is best to use them in the evening.

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