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Cheap 3 Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale

Cucumber winter and spring cultivating is the main cultivation form of greenhouse cucumber in winter(128 cell trays bulk), and the cold cooling in spring is the main limiting factor for early cucumber cultivation. It must change the characteristics of temperature to create environmental conditions suitable for cucumber growth. Early colonization in the temperature range to achieve the purpose of the morning market(162 cell trays bulk). It is generally seeded in mid-December, planted in early February, and harvested in mid-March, ending in June-July.(cheap 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale)

Relative humidity of 95% or more(black plastic nursery pots), the seedling bed is covered with a small arch shed, and the seedlings are raised in the cold season. Due to the weak winter light and low temperature, the cucumber of the scion must be selected to be low-resistant, weakly light, strong in disease resistance, early maturity production, and good in commodity. Variety. Practice has proved that black seed pumpkin is used as a rootstock(200 cell trays bulk), which has good affinity and can keep the original cucumber product cultivated in the cold period.

(cheap 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale)At present, 100-150g of cucumber seeds and 1.5kg of black-seed pumpkin are used per acre(wholesale nursery pots). Seeds are soaked in warm water with a seed volume of 4 times 55 °C. The seeds are poured into the water and stirred until the water temperature drops below 30C. Soak for 4~6h. Gauze package Well, put the germination at a temperature of 28~30 °C. During the germination process(112 cell trays bulk), it is washed once in the evening with 30 °C warm water, and 50% of the seeds can be sown after being exposed.

At this time, the temperature is low, and the heat preservation measures are very important during the seedling raising process(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Most of the seedlings are planted in the greenhouse, and the two leaves are transplanted to the nursery nutrition. Way of raising seedlings. The first is the seedbed soil system. Generally, the garden soil and the decomposed manure are mixed in a ratio of 6:4(288 cell trays bulk). Each cubic mixed soil is added with 10-15 kg of decomposed chicken manure, 155 g of superphosphate, and 10 kg of ash.

(cheap 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale)Each cube was sprayed with 50% carbendazim WP 8-10 g, and the mulch was sown 2 days later(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The seeds after soaking are rinsed with water for 2-3 times. For this reason, the seedling raising time is generally carried out from late December to early January. Its root system is developed, cold resistance is strong, growth is good, and disease resistance is strong. Cucumber is planted 5-7 days earlier than black seed pumpkin(20 cell trays bulk), and the row spacing of cucumber plants is 3cm x 3cm.

It can also be set in the high temperature part of the solar greenhouse(plastic nursery pots). Generally, in the middle of the solar greenhouse, if the seedlings are raised with nutrient or paper tube, the nursery should be large and the diameter should be 8-9 cm. The seedbed is placed in the middle of the solar greenhouse and separated by a membrane(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). In order to ensure the temperature, the small arch shed can be double-covered indoors to achieve the effect of temperature increase and heat preservation.(cheap 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale)

The seedlings per acre need to be sown with 3~4m2, and the seedbed is 40-50m2(plug trays wholesale). Often the temperature is prone to cold roots, roots, squats, etc., affecting seedlings. It can be used to raise seedlings by daylight temperature and room temperature, or to raise seedlings by fire, or to raise hot ground conditions such as hot seedlings(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Electric bed seedlings, the temperature is easy to control, the seedling age is short (30-35 days), and the success rate of seedling raising is high.

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