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The bonsai has a higher ornamental value and artistic charm(1020 tray). However, the old pile of the dance of Yale is not easy to obtain by natural growth. Therefore, people like to use the old pile of the purslane tree as a rootstock for grafting the dance of Yale, so as to obtain valuable old piles. Although the old bonsai of the Yale Dance has a higher ornamental value, there are still some phenomena in which the basin friends encounter the leaves during the maintenance management process(greenhouse pots), and even the leaves are completely lost.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic container wholesale)This is undoubtedly a heavy blow for the basin friends who have made it easy to get the jazz of the Yale dance(plug trays). What should I do in the summer when the dance of the Yale dances? The leaves of the Yale dance are bright and the plant type is very beautiful, so it is widely loved by people. And the dance of Yale has a phenomenon of leaves in summer, because it is often multifaceted(plastic grow pots). Since it is the fall of the summer leaves, it is natural to think about whether it is related to the temperature.

In fact, no matter what the real reason is, and it is not terrible to drop the leaves(gallon plant pot), as long as you can find specific reasons and then apply remedial measures, it is easy to grow beautiful leaves. The temperature in summer is very high, and the outdoor temperature often exceeds 30 °C. If the dance of the music is placed under the scorching sun in this environment(square nursery pots), it is easy to sunburn the plants, and the most obvious and direct performance is to drop the leaves.(cheap 3 gallon plastic container wholesale)

Therefore, we must timely check whether the position of the dance of the music is strong and direct(nursery seedling tray), and improve the air flow to accelerate the heat dissipation. The dance of Yale has a certain ability to withstand drought, and it also prefers a dry growing environment. In addition to the more water needed in the spring and autumn growing season, watering should be strictly controlled in summer and winter(growing trays). Because it is the summer leaves, if there is too much watering or long-term water shortage, it may cause the music to dance off the leaves.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic container wholesale)If there is too much watering, it will cause roots and rotten roots, and it will also cause the leaves to fall(gallon nursery pots). The dance of Yale is easy to enter dormancy in the high temperature environment in summer, while the plants in the dormant period naturally consume very little nutrients. If the dance of the music is performed in this environment, the roots of the plants cannot be normalized. The extraction function(seed starter trays), the fertilizer will accumulate in the roots, thus burning the roots and causing fat damage.

Therefore, in this case, due to the damage of the root system, the phenomenon of leaves will also occur(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, in the summer, we must strictly eliminate topdressing. In the case of the black rot that is affected by the black rot, the phenomenon of leaves will also occur. However, black rot is generally caused by excessive watering and the environment in which the plant grows is too humid or accumulated(wholesale greenhouse pots). In addition, the temperature is too high and the air circulation is not smooth. Then, the plant is very infected with black rot.

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