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Cheap 3 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Suppliers Malaysia

Planting succulents in plastic pots, there are not many requirements in the early stage of transplanting(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Do not accept sunshine for a long time, and do not over-water. Succulents do not need too much water, plastic pots should be placed in a ventilated environment, if the air circulation is not good, the soil is too wet and prone to mold, it will also lead to leaf rot. After the succulent plants grow roots and shoots(plastic nursery pots), they can move the tender seedlings into the loose soil or directly cover the original root system with a thin and loose soil to facilitate the growth of the spider roots. At the same time, the roots should be carefully buried in the soil to reveal tenderness. bud.

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(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)Place the plastic pots in a well-lit place(4 cell propagation trays wholesale), but avoid exposure, spray less water, but keep the soil moist. Do not dry the soil in the plastic pots and re-water. When cultivating succulents in plastic flower pots, it is necessary to observe them carefully. If the diseased leaves are found, they should be removed in time(plug trays). White, gray, black and other achromatic plastic flowerpots are common fleshy flowerpots. Avoid using plastic flowerpots that are too exaggerated in color and shape.

Plastic pots of any color, shape and material can be combined with a beautiful potted combination(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). Dust on the surface of plastic flower pots will weaken the light level of succulents, easily affect the photosynthesis of succulents, and affect the growth of succulents in plastic pots. The succulent plants should regularly remove dust and reduce the accumulation of dust in the plastic flower pots(seed starting trays). If the succulents are stained with a small amount of dust, they can be removed by gently blowing them. If the dust accumulates more, use a brush to clean them.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)You can also consider sprinkling water, but remove the moisture from the plastic pots in time(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Flowering plants such as chrysanthemums, rose, etc., if you want them to bloom in advance, you can hang fluorescent lamps to supplement the plants with light. If you just let the flowers go through the winter safely, you should pay more attention to watering and fertilizing for a long time(gallon plant pot). The practice of hanging fluorescent lamps is more professional and costly, so it is not recommended for use at home. If you are in a cold weather, you can go to the flower and bird market to buy some plant antifreeze for spraying.

If you don't want to use it(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), you can move the plastic flower pot indoors or put a film on the flower plant, but it will affect the beauty of the flower plant. If the temperature difference is large in the morning and evening, and there is wind on sunny days, it is necessary to clean the leaves of the flower plants before the sun comes out to avoid damage to the leaves. Flower plants cannot grow without light, but each plant has its own habits(seed starter trays). Hi-light plants can grow healthily in a well-lit environment, while some flowers are not resistant to glare, soft light or scattered light can grow normally.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots suppliers malaysia)If you ignore these, it is likely to make the flowers and leaves sparse, thin and yellow, and even cause them to die(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). So how do we quickly judge whether flowers and plants are happy? According to the flower leaves, we can distinguish the degree of light. Most of the thick leaves belong to shade-tolerant flowers, such as Clivia, green radish, and African violet. There is less requirement for light, and there is enough scattered light to grow normally(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Thin leaves such as Jinshan Brown, Monstera, etc. prefer a semi-shade environment, which requires bright scattered light to grow healthily.

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