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Cheap 3 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

The balcony area is small, the light is strong in summer and autumn, the wind is strong, and the air is dry(50 cell seed starting trays). This is an unfavorable factor in the balcony. If you want to raise the flowers on the balcony, according to the characteristics of the high-rise balcony, you should choose the varieties that are light and drought-tolerant. Such as long flowering rose, jasmine, pomegranate, cactus; kumquat, four seasons of orange(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It is also possible to plant herbaceous flowers such as chrysanthemum, impatiens, cockscomb, carnation, and dahlia. This will allow the balcony to have flowers in all seasons.

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(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale)Some hi-yin flowers can be placed indoors or when they are small in the sun or when they are sunny(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). For different orientations of the balcony, different varieties of flowering should be selected. The east-west balcony is used to cover the sun, heat insulation and cool down. It can be planted with some vine flowers, such as honeysuckle, long vine, morning glory, etc. The well is attached with a lead rope and a bracket to form a green screen with flowers and vines example(plastic nursery pots). On the north-facing balcony, it is appropriate to use negative-negative flowers, such as Tianzhu, tiger thorn, evergreen, and jade.

In addition, in order to make full use of the limited area of the balcony(105 cell plant trays bulk), a ladder or a double-layered wooden frame can be set up on the wall, the Xiyang flower is placed on the upper layer, and the shade-tolerant flower is placed on the lower layer; and the flowers of different heights are arranged together to form a coordinated level. You can also use the cornice to hang some small potted flowers, such as spider plants, stalks, etc.(plug trays wholesale), which are quite interesting. Although the ventilation conditions of the balcony are good, the potting soil is easy to dry, and the half-day dry wind can make the branches and leaves of the flowers sag.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale)Especially if the summer is too long(128 cell seedling trays wholesale), if you don't water it in time, it will make the flower die. Solution: First, the summer balcony should be properly shaded; second, it should be cultivated with larger flower pots, because the basin has more water storage and is not easy to dry; thirdly, the flower pots are densely packed to increase the humidity of the surrounding air; It is appropriate to water more to keep the soil moist. However, watering in the summer should be in the evening every day, avoid watering at high temperatures at noon(black plastic nursery pots). In order to maintain the humidity of the surrounding air, water can be sprayed onto the flower foliage and nearby ground.

Frequently sprayed leaf water is an effective measure to raise flowers on the balcony(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Especially orchids, rhododendrons, bamboos, etc., the leaves should be sprayed with water. However, there are some potted trees, such as pomegranates, crape myrtle, sea otters, etc., but it is not advisable to spray more water, because the water spray will cause the leaves to grow, affecting the posture, or reducing the flowering and fruiting. The balcony is sunny, which is good for plants to play the role of light table(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). However, some flowers are light but not exposed to sunlight, so they should be placed behind the larger plants.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic plant pots wholesale)In addition, the balcony is mostly of cement structure(162 cell plug trays supplier). After sun exposure, the temperature is very high, it will bake the roots of the potted flowers, and a wooden board can be placed under the flower pot to insulate. It is also very important to raise flowers on the balcony and to protect against cold and winter. Especially for low-temperature chilly plants, such as Milan, Jasmine, Wenzhu, Xianren, and fruit-seeking plants(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), such as kumquat, four-season orange, etc., can not withstand the cold below 0 °C, will move into the room in late November or Sunward.

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