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Cheap 3 Gallon Plastic Pots Manufacturers Germany

It can be used for both cold dishes and cooking(black plastic plant pots). There are not a few people planting celery in the countryside, but because of the slow growth and emergence of celery, it will have an impact on the planting income. Celery is a kind of crop that likes low temperature, so we use the way of low temperature germination(hydroponic trays). If the temperature is higher than 25 ℃, the sprouting of celery will be very slow.

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The time is 3-4 days(1 gallon nursery pots). Growers should pay attention to temperature control. Before germination, we need to expose and soak celery seeds. The method is simple, as long as the seeds are exposed to the sun for 8h-10h, then soaked in water for 12h-16h. After treatment, remove the seeds and put them in a cool place(10 gallon nursery pots). We usually do it in the refrigerator. The specific way is to wrap it with gauze and put it in the refrigerator of 10 ℃ - 15 ℃ for germination.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers germany)The seeds of celery are small and the ability of soil arching is weak, so the soil covering must not be thick, about 0.5cm(2 gallon nursery pots). After covering the soil, you should pay attention to sunscreen and moisturizing. You can cover it with straw and other things, and then pay attention to the supplement of water(1.5 gallon nursery pots). When the seedlings break through the soil, they can remove the cover. After the emergence of celery, it is the focus of conservation management.

Celery, we call it American celery(7 gallon nursery pots). Compact and press tight, level and rake fine, apply sufficient base fertilizer, and tie up into small bundles. First of all, the seedlings are thinning. When the celery seedlings grow to 2-3 leaves, it is necessary to keep the distance between the seedlings 5cm-7cm. Water in time to keep the soil moist(plastic planters). The way to apply fertilizer is to apply a thin human urine and animal manure, and then apply fertilizer every 2 weeks.(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers germany)

The germination rate of celery can be greatly increased by low temperature(5 gallon nursery pots). After pruning the roots and branches, it is better to soak them in water for 1-2 hours, let them absorb enough water, speed up the germination of new roots and buds, smear the wounds on the branches with white emulsion glue(plastic bonsai pots wholesale), dip the new clean brush with 0.3% - 0.5% potassium permanganate solution to smear the wounds on the roots, and then plant in the basin.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers germany)And turn the depth of the ground 30-40 cm, rake the broken soil and compact it slightly, and form a 1-meter-wide border block(200 cell seed trays). Open a ditch according to the row spacing of 15-20 cm, and put a layer of soil and miscellaneous fertilizer as the base fertilizer in the ditch. Then, cut and insert the rattan(15 gallon tree pots). Then, in spring and autumn, the longer branches on the mother plant are taken first, and after the first flowering, the heart picking can promote the second flowering.

Now I'll tell you about the technology of celery sprouting, let's learn it together(200 cell seedling trays). When the celery grows to 1-2 weeks, we can apply fertilizer. In order to dry the seeds, it is necessary to cut the branches and leaves properly to make them dense, orderly, natural and rich in painting. Honeysuckle stumps are generally transplanted without soil(plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore). The root can often be coiled and shaped. Honeysuckle has a strong germinating force and pruning is very important.

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