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Once the greenhouse is built, it is difficult to move, and continuous cropping of vegetables has become an inevitable trend(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Therefore, it is self-evident to protect the cultivation. The use of solar heat for disinfecting high-temperature soils in greenhouses not only has low pollution, no residue, good results, but also meets the requirements of no pollution(seed starter trays). Then its specific technical measures are as follows. 

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After pulling the seedlings from the previous crop, remove the diseased plant residues in a timely manner, and use the summer greenhouse idle period to completely remove the covered film(plastic plant trays). After applying straw and straw, it is easy to ferment and decompose to increase soil organic matter under high temperature conditions(perlite price). Up to 50-60 ℃, it can effectively prevent soil-borne diseases such as fusarium wilt, bacterial wilt, and soft rot.(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers nz)

 If it is sunny or in high temperature years, the disinfection effect is better.How to use sunlight to raise ground temperature is a key to maintaining high ground temperature for a long time(square plant pots). Therefore, when the high-temperature summer arrives in the middle of the year (July to August in summer), if the soil is acidic after cleaning the greenhouse, apply a small amount of lime, not exceeding 100 kg per acre(nursery plant pots). If the soil is alkaline, Broken straw or straw is added, and then cow dung is added for deep turning.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers nz)It can also make the soil loose and breathable, and improve the physical properties of the soil(seed starting trays). And immediately after the application of straw and straw, deep-turn the soil by 50-60 cm, irrigate with large water, and cover it with waste plastic film. Therefore, it should be exposed to sunlight for 15-25 days in a closed atmosphere to make the soil temperature within 10 cm of the soil(grow bag wholesale price). At the same time, high temperature can kill nematodes and other eggs.

In addition, the use of solar heat for high-temperature soil disinfection has a certain killing effect on various diseases(15 gallon nursery pots). However, from the test results, in general, the effective soil layer for soil disinfection using solar heat is 10-15 cm below the ground. Vegetables with shallow root distribution in the next crop had better disease prevention effects(5 gallon plant pot). For deep root vegetables with a long cultivation period, the root system may extend into the deep soil layer during the late growth period, and may still be infected.

In the summer idle period of the greenhouse, the method of soil disinfection can also be used(plug trays). This has something to do with the covering material, soil moisture, and soil conditions during disinfection. It should also be noted that in order to improve the treatment effect, it is not possible to raise the ground temperature alone(plastic terracotta pots), and at the same time to keep the soil moisture content at about 60% as much as possible to promote the inactivation of soil bacteria.(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots manufacturers nz)

It is difficult to sterilize the soil at a depth of more than 10 cm(1020 tray). It is best to apply full fertilizer and hoeing before the high-temperature soil sterilization in summer. If it does not meet this requirement, remove the cover film after the sterilization period. Soil, mixed with base fertilizer for sowing or planting(1 gallon plant pots). Do not deepen or rebuild the soil layer more than 10 cm, so as to avoid mixing the unsterilized lower soil with the disinfected upper soil, which will reduce the disinfection effect.

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