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Cheap 3 Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Florida

Nutritional seedling seedling raising and seedling seedling seedling raising are two technical systems for facility seedling raising (or factory seedling raising). In contrast(black plastic nursery pots), the former is more suitable for China's national conditions, and it can compete in the market competition. . The nutrient elements of the seedling nursery nutrients can be repaired at any time like the field nursery. Therefore, the requirements for nutrient soil are not as harsh as container seedlings, and the nutrient soil base is widely sourced(seedling trays wholesale); the nursery facilities are relatively simple.

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(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale florida)Therefore, the cost can be greatly reduced, which is generally equivalent to less than 50% of the cost of raising seedlings(plastic nursery pots). The overall quality of seedlings is higher than that of seedlings. Scion purity, rootstock purity, no virus infection, no root knot nematodes, etc., can reach a level similar to container seedlings. The growth of the ground can also be compared with the container nursery. The root growth and development is better than that of the seedling seedlings. The container seedlings have many fine roots and are intertwined with each other(105 cell propagation trays). The growth of the roots is not good, and the seedlings are not only fine roots, but also the coarse roots are well developed.

1-2 years after planting, the growth is much faster than the container seedlings(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and at least one year ahead of schedule. The uniformity of the seedling bed seedlings is slightly inferior to that of the container seedlings, because the nursery seedlings are one plant and one seedling. In the process of seedling raising, according to the condition of the growth of the rootstock, the grafting, the germination of the grafting buds and the growth of the grafted seedlings, etc.(105 cell seed trays) , moving at any time, graded and cultivated, can better avoid the problem of high and low seedling height caused by competition, and achieve a high degree of uniformity.

(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale florida)Therefore, with soil colonization, any season is like a container seedling(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the survival rate is 100%. Bare root bales are transported over long distances, planted in winter and spring, and the survival rate can reach 100%. The seedbed consists of a workbench, rolling elements and brackets. The specifications of the mobile nursery bed are determined according to the workbench, namely: length × width, length is determined according to the length and structure of the greenhouse(104 cell seed starting trays), but the maximum length is not more than 24000 mm, and the width is divided into three series: 1650 mm, 1700 mm, 1800 mm.

The height of the seedbed is generally around 750mm, and can be fine-tuned according to the ground conditions(1020 trays wholesale). The number of seedbed supports is determined by the length of the seedbed, with an interval of 2000 mm. The extension of the brackets at both ends is generally about 1000 mm, and the longest is not more than 1500 mm. General technology requires all parts to be rust-proof. The maximum load that the seedbed can withstand is 500 N/m2(50 cell plug flats). Install the seedbed bracket according to the installation diagram. The rolling elements are combined according to the seedbed drawings and the rolling bodies are placed on the seedbed support.(cheap 3 gallon plastic pots wholesale florida)

Adjust the rolling elements and the table so that when the table is in the middle position(seed starter trays), it can move 300mm to the left or right respectively with the rotation of the rolling elements. The seedbeds in the greenhouse are arranged neatly, with the same height and height, and the straightness error in the direction of the length of the length is not more than 15mm. The appearance of the seedbed must not have obvious appearance quality defects(40 cell seed trays). By rotating the handwheel to move the workbench, a 600mm working channel can be created between any two seedbeds, and the channel error must not exceed ±50mm.

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