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Cheap 3 Gallon Pots For Plants Wholesale USA

The prospects and benefits are considerable(greenhouse nursery pots). At present, there are more than 30 sprouts in the market, such as toon, pine willow, chicory, buckwheat, alfalfa, pepper, green black bean, Acacia bean, sunflower seed, radish, Longxu bean, peanut, broad bean and pea(seed trays). The production method of sprout is simple, the site is not limited, and the production cycle is short, the investment is small, and the effect is fast.

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The pea varieties with thick seed coat and small 1000 seed weight should be selected to produce sprouts(nursery supplies plastic pots). The special sprout production plate with good water permeability shall be selected for sprout production, with the specification of 65cm × 26cm × 5cm(6 cell seed trays). Spray 500-600 times of 50% carbendazim on the cultivation utensils for disinfection, and then rinse them with clear water. For large seeds, seeds can be directly placed in the tray for cultivation.(cheap 3 gallon pots for plants wholesale usa)

Remove the rotten, damaged and moth eaten inferior seeds(288 cell tray), select the seeds to be sun dried for 2-3 days in sunny days, soak them in clear water for 16-20 hours, take them out, control the water content, and then put them under the temperature of 20-30 ℃ to speed up the germination, and timely drench, flip and check them to prevent damaging the buds and rotten roots(plastic plant pots). It is necessary to spray water 2-4 times a day to keep moisture. Spray more in summer and less in winter.

If the seed size is small, the substrate in the tray can be soaked and spread on the bottom of the tray with germinating paper, non-woven fabric, etc(50 cell plug flats). During sowing, the seeds shall be evenly sown in the tray with the seed amount of 400-600g per tray, and the seeds shall be covered with black film to cover the light and placed on the seedling rack(12 cell seed trays). The pea varieties should have plump seeds, strong germination potential and higher germination rate than 95%.

(cheap 3 gallon pots for plants wholesale usa)After sowing, cover with black film for full shading(15 gallon pot). After 5-8 days, gradually uncover the film to see light and green till harvest. In order to ensure that the seedlings see green evenly, every 1 to 2 days, up and down, left and right interactive basin, keep the seedlings green. After sowing, ventilate and cool down at any time, keep the temperature of 25 ℃ in the daytime and about 15 ℃ at night(18 cell seed trays). Pea sprouts are tender and juicy with large water demand.

Wash and disinfect before sowing. Spray by spray(5 gallon plant pot). The amount of water spray should not be too large, and the substrate in the seedling tray should be wetted to avoid water dripping into the lower tray. At the same time, wet the indoor ground to keep the air humidity in the cultivation environment(36 cell seed trays). Check the production of seedlings in the dish every day, and pull out the rotten seeds and deteriorated seedlings in time to avoid polluting other seedlings.(cheap 3 gallon pots for plants wholesale usa)

Then it's planting time, but the climate warming makes the wheat grow faster, and the frost index of wheat also increases correspondingly(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Since 2000, it can form the fact that the wheat frost frequently occurs under the background of climate warming(gardening pots wholesale). There are many ways to prevent wheat frost, such as selecting winter varieties, increasing base fertilizer, precision ploughing and fine harrow, proper late sowing, watering, smoking, artificial fog making and heating.

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