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Cheap 4 Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale Suppliers China

Solve the technical problem of transplanting the whole tree crown of forest seedlings(200 cell seed starter trays): the transplanting of conventional greening seedlings must be cut off to crown, otherwise it is difficult to survive. The root-control rapid seedling technology adopts a special seedling container to control the growth of the main root system, promote the rapid growth of the capillary roots, form a thick and short developed fibrous roots, and the number is large, the roots are adequately nutritious, the trees grow vigorously, and the seedlings are not seeded or transplanted(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Roots, no need to cut the head, cut branches, picking leaves, can completely transplant the whole seedlings, known as a movable forest.

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(cheap 4 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers china)Solve the technical problem of survival rate: the unique design of root-control container not only has good air permeability(plant start trays wholesale), but also has the unique effect of preventing root rot and main root entanglement, and the dual function of root-controlling matrix, so that the water and fertilizer conditions required for seedlings are well controlled. The root-controlling container is easy to disassemble, and does not damage the root when transplanting, so the survival rate of transplanting can reach 100%(seed starter trays), and the post-management cost can be reduced by 50-70%. Solve the technical problems of transplanting all seasons:

The seedlings cultivated by this technology can not afford seedlings(32 cell seed starter trays), do not hurt the roots, do not lose water, and can be dismantled and controlled root containers, which are easier to transport, far-loaded, saves convenience, and creates transplanting seasons with high survival rate. Solve the technical problems of rapid update of orchard: It takes at least 5 years for the orchard to be renewed. The seedling nursery technology can be used to raise seedlings on the idle land(plug trays wholesale). Within 2-3 years, the seedling diameter can reach 4 cm and the crown diameter can reach 1 m or more. Can bloom, start with a small amount.

(cheap 4 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers china)When transplanting, it does not damage the roots, does not change the seedlings(72 cell propagation trays), and can produce a large number of results in the next year. This will ensure that the income of the fruit farmers will not decrease during the orchard renewal period, and at the same time ensure that the seedlings are pure. Plastic flower pots are a good choice. Planting flowers in summer, especially home-grown flowers, people mostly choose plastic flower pots(black plastic nursery pots). The cost is low, and the shape and other requirements are not high, which is very suitable. The demand for light in the leaves is not too high.

Summer is here, although the temperature is relatively high(200 cell seed starting trays), people are still living in such a high temperature and live actively, and summer is also a season suitable for planting flowers in plastic pots. Because of the temperature, people are always used to planting a lot of flowers in the summer, watching the brightly colored fireworks, and feeling the strong life of this summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Because such flowerpots are inexpensive to manufacture and have low sales prices.(cheap 4 gallon nursery pots wholesale suppliers china)

On the one hand, the material of the plastic material is lighter and the handling is more convenient(72 cell plug trays supplier); on the other hand, because the cost of the plastic flower pot is low, the purchase of a large amount will not bring an economic burden, and it is worthy of people's choice. The workbench must not interfere with the columns, heating and other facilities around the greenhouse. The single seedbed inspection shall meet the following conditions: there shall be no burrs around the seedbed workbench(plastic nursery pots). The width of the entire seedbed should not exceed 10mm.

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