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Cheap 4 Inch Square Greenhouse Pots Manufacturers

Flower cultivation is also a kind of activity with high consumption(propagation tray). There are also flowerpots and soil. A large bag of flowerpots and soil can also fill two pots of soil. Many friends are concerned about it. Can the used flowerpots and soil continue to be used? It seems that it's a pity to throw them away, as long as they are not alkaline soil, if they don't throw them away(nursery plant pots wholesale), What should we do to continue to use it?

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These and soil can breed some germs, insect eggs, or root nematodes(plug trays). Such soil can not be used indirectly, but it can be used indirectly for some flowers with developed roots. There are also some flowers with strong roots. There is no requirement for soil. Garden soil It doesn't matter(buy plastic plant pots). It's still flourishing. If the flowers and plants at home are ordinary flowers and plants, the soil is relatively easy to dispose of.(cheap 4 inch square greenhouse pots manufacturers)

For example, dripping Guanyin, the general soil will grow well(seed starting trays). A large number of flowerpots, large amount of fertilizer, and a lot of flowers that can't be kept alive are constantly consumed and updated. Most flowers and plants don't have such a strong root system, so if we don't waste the soil, as long as we slightly improve the soil, we can reuse it(plug flats). First put the used soil in the sun, spread it flat and dry it, and then add it Some humus can be used indirectly.

(cheap 4 inch square greenhouse pots manufacturers)Because of the reason of the situation, it is inconvenient to put the soil outside to dry, and it can also be improved by other methods(black plastic plant pots). Add some saprophytic soil and some soil conditioner to the replaced soil. If the soil is used at the time, flowers and plants often have signs of diseases and insect pests(plastic plant pots for sale). When the soil is stirred, add some avermectin and so on The medicine can be used after mixing.

Add some soil conditioner in the soil, if not, it can not be added(square grow pots). At the time of mixing the basin, use bacterial fertilizer to pour water to increase the content of beneficial bacteria in the soil. The beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria in the soil are generally in a balanced state. However, the harmful bacteria in the soil will increase due to the situation and the reason of artificial fertilization(plastic growing trays). Probiotics keep the soil in a balanced state.(cheap 4 inch square greenhouse pots manufacturers)

If the soil conditioner does not contain live bacteria, add beneficial bacteria and water it in time(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The important function is also to adjust the pH value of soil, so that the soil is in a neutral state. Neutral soil is the soil that most flowers can develop very well. Peracid or peralkaline will affect the development of flowers! Soil improvement, these two methods are the simplest and most convenient(plastic nursery tray)! The key is to save a lot of money, if you like, you can try.

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