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As a kind of succulent plant with high ornamental and practicality(40 cell tray in bulk), the dance of Yale has become more and more popular among potters as people learn more about it. For the cutting, the operation method is relatively simple, convenient and practical(plastic nursery pots), and the survival rate is also high, so it is generally preferred as a breeding young plant.

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(cheap 400 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)For the grafting method, it is often applied to the cultivation of the old pile of the music(72 cell seed starting trays), everyone knows that this requires a certain planting base for the growers. Is there any other way to achieve the reproduction of the dance of Yale? It is only more difficult to achieve the process of successfully breeding young plants than the former two. Means, the same is true for the dance of Yale.

In addition to the above two ways of breeding young plants of Yale(plastic nursery pots wholesale), can we still adopt the method of leaf insertion to realize the breeding of seedlings? Can the dance of Yale be inserted? The leaf insert is indeed an important part of the reproduction of young plants by most succulents. Imagine that a large number of leaves are inserted into the leaves, and a certain number of leaves can successfully root and germinate!

But how does the dance of Yale get potted seedlings? The dance of Yale generally cultivates young plants by cutting and grafting. After all, the dance of Yale is a succulent plant, and succulents can usually breed young plants through the way of leaf insertion(51 cell trays bulk). However, the leaves are numerous and small(black plastic nursery pots), so it is inevitable that it is difficult to make these relatively small blades to achieve leaf insertion and reproduction.(cheap 400 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)

Some robust, full-bodied leaves are then removed from the mother plant for leaf insertion(128 cell seedling start trays). It is generally necessary to dry the wounded leaves before the leaves are inserted, and then place them on the moist culture soil. After all, the wounds on the leaves have not healed(plug trays wholesale). When watering, it is not only easy to let the small leaves float, but also easy to infect the bacteria.

However, succulents do not require a lot of water. Of course, all need to choose to carry out in the spring and autumn growing season(104 cell trays bulk). The original and the leaves of the dance of Yale are relatively small, and the stored nutrients and water are naturally limited. During the period, avoid direct sunlight and provide certain ventilation conditions. After the leaves are inserted, it is generally necessary to avoid watering. 

If you want to ensure the smooth sprouting, survival and growth of the seedlings, the hydration is especially important. After all, meat is generally more drought-tolerant(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but cultivating young plants with small leaves often requires maintaining the environment with the necessary humidity. However, in order to improve the efficiency of breeding young plants, this method is generally not recommended.

(cheap 400 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)Based on the above considerations(128 cell seed starter trays), if the leaves of the Yale dance are used for leaf insertion, it is generally necessary to prepare a large number of leaves for leaf insertion each time. After all, the germination rate and survival rate of the leaf insertion are relatively low.The most important thing is that the growth environment must be suitable(wholesale nursery pots).

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