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Cheap 5 Gallon Fabric Pots In Bulk

At the same time, the gap between the discs and the gap between the disc and the trail are filled with nutrient soil to keep the tray stable and difficult to dry(plastic plant trays wholesale). During the week just planted, the temperature was not too high and the seedbed was moist. About a week later, depending on the dry and wet conditions of the seedbed, it is best to shed the water, preferably in the evening(9cm nursery pots).

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After the emergence of the seedlings, it is necessary to sprinkle water once a day(plastic nursery pots), so that the seedbed is always kept moist to facilitate emergence, without sprinkling water. However, the import of small chrysanthemum spring flowering is very important to study the power of flowers, temperature and water and fertilizer management, have to keep up(cheap 5 gallon fabric pots in bulk). Finally, the seedbed is again watered for seeding.

On the morning of the second day, when the temperature in the shed rises to about 25 °C, the two sides of the gate are uncovered and fixed in time to facilitate ventilation and cooling(9cm plastic plant pots). After the temperature drops down around 7 pm, the water is sprinkled and covered. Weeds are removed in time before emergence and at the emergence stage. Seeding is carried out when the surface of the seedbed is slightly dry and not muddy.

After sprinkling, continue to cover the shed until it emerges. After the seedlings are all out and grow 2-3 pairs of true leaves(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the sprinkling intensity can be reduced according to the wet and dry condition of the seedbed. Because of the low pests and diseases of lavender, the ventilation and light transmission conditions in the seedling stage are good, and the micro-wet state of the seedbed is maintained(cheap 5 gallon fabric pots in bulk). 

There is basically no pests and diseases in the seedling stage, and no pest and disease management is required, but the fertilizer management should be properly carried out(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). After the seedlings grow to an average of 6-10 cm, that is, 2-3 months, they can be transplanted, and the seedlings are ventilated before transplanting. After sprinkling water in the evening, cover the grid to help warm and moisturize. 

(cheap 5 gallon fabric pots in bulk)After the end of the seedlings, the water is moderately watered, 4-5 times a year(plastic nursery pots wholesale), combined with watering 15 kg of phosphate fertilizer per acre, 10 kg of urea, timely cultivating alfalfa. Overwintering in the greenhouse, because the lavender seeds are small, after the seeds are slightly dry, put them in a cool dry place for planting(51 cell propagation trays wholesale).  Sprinkle water every time as much as possible to sprinkle the seedbed but not to accumulate water.

In addition to the plug tray can be barely used on-demand, other seedling trays should not be on-demand and suitable for evacuation(wholesale nursery pots). At this time, the root system has already penetrated the seedling tray, but it is only necessary to sprinkle the seedling tray to make the soil moist before transplanting, even if the root system has penetrated the seedling tray, it does not affect the transplanting(cheap 5 gallon fabric pots in bulk).

Regardless of cultivation in the north and the south, it is better to choose plots with good soil water and good fertility(40 cell plug tray wholesale); before transplanting, first transplant the soil; first transplant the transplanted land first, and then turn it over after the weeds emerge. For the old seedling plots, there should be no weeds in the field(cheap 5 gallon fabric pots in bulk). In the beginning of May, the bud water should be poured, and the flowering water should be poured in June.

The flower buds that appeared before the June 20th seedlings should be manually destroyed in time to promote healthy growth and multiple shoots(black plastic nursery pots). When lavender begins to pump flower buds, spray 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution once every half month until flowering(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), which can promote longer flower spikes, firm pedicels, bright colors, not easy to fall, and neat and beautiful flowers.

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