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The tiger thorn plum, also known as the unicorn thorn and the iron sea otter(gallon nursery pots), is a vine-stalked spiny plant that prevents root rot and the basin is too wet. Although the edge of the tiger thorn has a thorn, it does not affect people's love for it. On the contrary, it has increased the love of many people because of the thorns of the tiger thorn, and the tiger thorn plum is basically guaranteed throughout the year(flat plastic tray). It can be flowered on the top and is one of the most popular ornamental plants.(cheap 5 gallon grow bag wholesale supplier)

The tiger thorn plum can be used as a base fertilizer for cultivating soil hoof horns(propagation tray). Fertilize once every half month in the growing season. Stop fertilizing after the autumn, avoid using fertilizer with oil, and less flowering. The tiger thorn plum is usually applied once a 3-4 weeks to the diluted fertilizer. Too much fertilization will cause the branches and leaves to grow too vigorously, while the long leaves do not bloom, the ornamental is destroyed(square nursery pots), and a small amount of fertilization can be applied during the period of their flowering, so that not only leaves are flourishing but also flourishing.

The demand for fertilizer is not strict, but the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer required for flowering is necessary(cell trays). If there is a lack of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, the nitrogen fertilizer will be too much, and the plant will not bloom, and the lateral branches will be promoted. Before flowering, you can apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, properly control the fertility, and have sufficient nutrients. The tiger thorn plum will naturally open(plastic grow pots)! Clean the eggs in the egg shell, dry it in the sun, mash it, and put it into the mill. Milling into powder is a very good organic phosphate fertilizer.

(cheap 5 gallon grow bag wholesale supplier)If there is too much water, drink the rest of the residual tea water(black plastic plant pots), rice water and water (preferably after the fermentation of the golden baby starter) and the grass gray water, wash the milk bottle water, etc. are all good potassium fertilizer, can be diluted and used Water the flowers. Excessive fertilization during the growth of the thorns will result in excessive growth of the foliage, while the long leaves do not bloom and the ornamental is destroyed(seed starter trays). In particular, pay attention to a small amount of fertilization during the flowerpot differentiation period, which can ensure leafy leaves and flourish.

Tiger thorn plum does not like fat(gallon plant pot), if the fertilizer is applied too much during the breeding process or the application of fermented fertilizer, it will burn the root system and cause the leaves to yellow. Therefore, proper fertilization should be carried out before the fertilization to check whether the fertilizer is suitable for the growth of the tiger plum. If you are more concerned about the preservation of the leaves of the plants, then it is recommended that you place the plants in a place where the temperature is higher than 15 degrees in the winter(greenhouse supplies pots), watering less, leaving the pots as dry as possible; do not apply fertilizer.

(cheap 5 gallon grow bag wholesale supplier)Tiger thorn is a succulent plant, resistant to drought(plug trays), watering should not be more, then, how to fertilize potted tiger thorns? What are the precautions for fertilization? Fertilizers, rather than more, summer and autumn seasons generally 3 to 4 weeks Diluted fertilizer can be used to minimize fertilization in winter and spring. Thus, in the dormant state of the plant, the growth slows down and the leaves are relatively stable(wholesale greenhouse pots). However, doing so will affect the quality of the flowering.

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