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Cheap 5 Gallon Plant Container Manufacturers Canada

In paddy field or dry field, it can also be evenly spread on the surface of the earth, immediately raked into the soil, not exposed to the sun for a long time(104 cell trays bulk). During the whole growth period, spray 2-3 times according to the crop growth situation combined with the critical period and the maximum effect period of crop nutrition(small plastic plant pots bulk). Spraying time is best in the evening or rainy days.

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The method of spraying top dressing is suitable for sparse vegetables and dense crops(72 cell seed starting trays). Spray has obvious effect on increasing production, but the effect is generally lower than that of soil application. Note: do not put it in the sun after seed dressing, and do not put it too long. The amount of bacterial fertilizer used for seed dressing is related to the size of seeds(wholesale plant pots). For small seeds such as tobacco, 50-100g / kg of seeds is enough.(cheap 5 gallon plant container manufacturers canada)

For boiling paddy fields, spraying without spraying will be better(128 cell seedling start trays). The water content of soil with the optimum temperature of nitrogen fixing bacterial fertilizer is 60% - 70%. Large seeds need more, and the seeds mixed with bacterial fertilizer should be covered with soil immediately after sowing, so the effect of combining soil application and spraying is better(15 gallon black plastic pots). It is not suitable to apply biological fertilizer to the soil with high sulfur content and rusty paddy field. 

In the process of application(128 cell seed starter trays), we should pay attention to the following points: at present, the effective bacteria of microbial fertilizer in our country have not survived for more than one year, so the selected microbial fertilizer should be used as soon as possible, the storage time is too long, and its dormancy state may be destroyed(72 cell seed trays). The best temperature of applying bacterial fertilizer is 25 ℃ ~ 37 ℃, lower than 5 ℃, higher than 45 ℃, the effect of application is poor.

(cheap 5 gallon plant container manufacturers canada)Sulfur can kill biological bacteria. Microbial fertilizer with less effective viable bacteria than the standard can not be purchased(1 gallon pots wholesale). According to the national regulations(small square plastic plant pots), the effective viable bacteria number of microbial agents shall be no less than 200 million / g (particle 100 million / g), and the effective viable bacteria number of compound microbial fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer shall be no less than 20 million / g.

Generally, biological bacterial fertilizer is not a quick acting fertilizer(plant trays), which is applied 7-10 days before the critical period of crop nutrition and the period of nutrient absorption. It should be noted that bacterial fertilizer should not be mixed with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, sulfur-containing fertilizers (such as potassium sulfate, etc.) and straw ash(50 cell plug flats), because these drugs and fertilizers are easy to kill biological bacteria.(cheap 5 gallon plant container manufacturers canada)

Soil improvement. It is also necessary to prevent mixing with immature farmyard manure(1020 trays). For the fields that have been applying chemical fertilizer for many years, the application amount of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer cannot be greatly reduced when applying biological bacterial fertilizer(288 cell tray). Because the crops depend on chemical fertilizer, it is not suitable to replace nitrogen fertilizer with biological bacterial fertilizer at once.

It is not suitable for crop fields under high temperature, low temperature and drought(seed starting trays). It indicates that the product quality does not meet the requirements. Or apply bacterial fertilizer first, and then apply medicine and weed after 48 hours. The replacement amount should be 30%, 40% and 60% respectively in the first, second and third years(nursery pots). Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can only be supplemented, not reduced.(cheap 5 gallon plant container manufacturers canada)

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