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In the summer when the light is too strong(decorative pots wholesale), it is usually only possible to receive light directly in the morning and evening when the light is soft. Otherwise, the plants may appear to be bun by the glare, especially in the summer, and the whole potted plants look languid(plastic nursery pots). 

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(cheap 5 gallon planters wholesale supplier)Gardenias prefer to grow in a semi-shade environment, and we recommend placing them indoors near bright(15 gallon planter), ventilated areas of the window sill. Because the plant does not get enough water to replenish it, it will reduce nutrient consumption by letting the leaves bun, yellow leaves, and falling leaves. 

In the case of insufficient air humidity, potted gardenia flowers are prone to leaf pull and bun(1 gallon planting pots). If the maintenance measures are not adjusted in time, especially the humidity is adjusted, the plants may appear yellow, withered, or even Bad growth such as fallen leaves. It is recommended that novice flower friends try to choose the birth, half-timber, relatively thick and short stems! 

Now give appropriate light to avoid the more serious situation of the leaves of gardenia(128 cell seed trays), we also need to change the maintenance strategy in time. Therefore, the gardenia usually has soft leaves and bun, which is usually over watered. If the illumination is too strong, we need to change the way the light is received in time to avoid direct reception of strong light.

Here mainly adjust the air humidity, usually because the humidity is too low, the above symptoms, so we need to improve the air humidity in time(black plastic nursery pots). The temperature is kept at around 25 °C, so most of the most suitable cutting time is from May to June, because at this time the temperature is higher and the rooting of the branches is faster.(cheap 5 gallon planters wholesale supplier)

(cheap 5 gallon planters wholesale supplier)Later, excessive watering caused a variety of adverse growth reactions in potted flower plants(50 cell seed starting trays), and it is also better to judge whether it is excessive watering. If you want to find a reason for watering, but if you don't water the potted gardenia for a long time, you may also be able to report this phenomenon(nursery pots wholesale). 

In order to make the gardenia flower not only white and innocent, the gardenia flower generally does not like direct sunlight(128 cell seedling trays). The humidity suitable for the growth of Gardenia is usually between 70-90%(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The usual practice is to increase the humidity of the air by spraying or spraying, so that the environment becomes suitable for the growth of the plant. 

In the meantime, this is the difference between a very good year of birth and shooting(72 cell seedling trays). When we cut the gardenia, the most common problem is that we are not rooted, and we often wait for a long time without Will see its roots. So today, flowers will be handed over to everyone how to cut gardenia(plastic seedling trays). It survived very quickly.

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