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Longevity flower, because the flowering period is concentrated around Christmas, it is also known as Christmas gamma(black plastic plant pots). It was originally produced in southern Africa and later introduced to Europe, especially the Netherlands and Denmark. Christmas gamma is an evergreen perennial herbaceous succulent plant. The plants are small, the stems are erect, and the plant height is 10-30 cm(plastic plant pots). Leaves opposite, leaves dense green, long round spoon-shaped or elliptical, leaves are thick fleshy, dense dark green, shiny.

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(cheap 5 gallon planting pot wholesale supplier)Longevity flower has always been called a lazy flower(15 gallon nursery pots), as the name suggests is a flower that is very easy to plant. Many people choose longevity flowers as home ornamental plants when making home plant choices. Because the longevity flower is named after the long flowering period, it is also called Shouxinghua, because its meaning is very popular among people. The most common method of trimming orthopedics for longevity flowers is to pick (heart), topping and snoring(1 gallon pot). However, topping, topping and snoring are common auxiliary means to control plant height and plant type of longevity flowers.

Both topping and topping remove the top shoots after the cuttings survive(seedling trays), limiting the upward growth of the plants and promoting their multiple lateral buds. Make the plant type more short, full, compact, globular or open-flowered. The difference between the two methods is that the height of the top shoots is removed, and the time is different. Generally, the method used when backing up the seedlings is not needed(square plant pots). Usually about one month after the cuttings become live, when the plant grows to a height of 4-6 cm, 4, 5 pairs of leaves can be the first topping.

(cheap 5 gallon planting pot wholesale supplier)From the point of view of the cultivated varieties(7 gallon plant pot), the "inter-section" long variety is often less than the side buds after the topping, the new top buds are still upward, and the "internode" length can reach 4cm or more. The top bud does not necessarily reach the limit height, and the plant height can reach 40-50cm after flowering. These varieties can also be topped out earlier(greenhouse pots). Topping is the method used when backing up the seedlings, which is slightly later than the topping, when the plant is 10 cm long.

Leaves 3-5 pairs of leaves and 5 cm high stems, and the top buds are removed as new cuttings to replant seedlings(perlite wholesale). At this time, the new cuttings are strong and fast, and the growth is good. Snoring is the removal of weak lateral branches or pathological branches from the base of the main pole. Thereby increasing the light and ventilation inside the plant, promoting the development of the inner branches and reducing the occurrence of pests and diseases(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The plant side branches are sparsely dense, well-nourished, well-proportioned and sturdy, and the buds are more prosperous.(cheap 5 gallon planting pot wholesale supplier)

Longevity flowers are especially strong in branching, and the branching angle is also small(spill trays). Many top buds will be produced without topping or topping. For these varieties, it is necessary to use the method of hitting the twigs to correct the shape, and use the method of “to weaken and stay strong” to remove the excess branches, leaving the well-proportioned 3-5 strong main branches. After flowering, a compact and handsome plant type with a height of about 30 cm can be formed(plastic growing trays). Otherwise, there are too many side branches, and when the buds are dispersed, the nutrition will appear to be less buds, the flowers are small and not full.

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