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Cheap 5 Gallon Plastic Pots Suppliers USA

At present, it is the peak harvest period of spring and summer vegetables(plastic grow bags). Heavy rain disasters have caused significant losses. Vegetables such as eggplant, melons and other vegetables will be discontinued ahead of time. Leafy vegetables will almost be cut off(128 cell plant trays bulk). Vegetable production and supply will cause great difficulties, and preventing crop roots from waterlogging for too long and withering and dying. 

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After the rainstorm, the greenhouse vegetables should be ventilated in time to remove diseased plants and diseased leaves(plug trays), reduce humidity and reduce the source of disease, and prevent the epidemic from spreading. In order to resume production as soon as possible, reduce losses, and ensure supply(162 cell plug trays supplier), the following recommendations are made for scientific and technological disaster relief: clearing trenches, draining water from vegetable fields, lowering water levels.(cheap 5 gallon plastic pots suppliers usa)

Vegetables with market value should be harvested in time to reduce losses(seed starting trays). The melons and fruits and vegetables that have been impacted by rainstorms should be straightened and vines cleaned in time, the foliar sludge was washed away, and the dead yellow leaves, diseased leaves, and diseased fruits were removed. Apply fertilizer in time to promote the development of new roots and the growth of new leaves in vegetables(200 cell plug trays supplier). When it turns clear after rain, it is very easy to cause wilting and death.

(cheap 5 gallon plastic pots suppliers usa)Roots of flooded vegetable roots that have been flooded for a long time have appeared mildew damage(square plant pots). Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to proper shading after rain to reduce wilting death(32 cell plug trays supplier). Will cause disease epidemics, leaf vegetable soft rot, downy mildew, melon vegetable blight, gray mold, fusarium, eggplant fruit vegetables early blight, gray mold, fusarium and other diseases are easy to occur. Targeted prevention and control.

Ditch the drainage of severely or absolutely harvested fields as soon as possible, resume production as soon as possible, and alleviate the shortage of vegetables in the market(plastic grow pots). Drain all the water in time to catch a batch of leafy lettuce, such as pakchoi, Chinese cabbage, amaranth, amaranth, etc. In the production process, pay attention to the management of moisture and cover it with a sunshade net to prevent heavy rain and high temperature(105 cell plug trays supplier).

And drought. Sowing before the beginning of autumn, using direct broadcast, 3000-3500 holes per acre, two plants per hole(plastic grow trays). Sowing before the beginning of autumn, using direct broadcast, about 4000 holes per acre, two plants per hole. Management points: Strengthen water and fertilizer management after the first true leaf is launched(50 cell plug trays supplier). At present, autumn vegetables include peppers, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, and so on.(cheap 5 gallon plastic pots suppliers usa)

Ensure daily water supply in the seedling and melon stages, and leave one melon and one leaf topping on side branches of more than five knots(large plastic terracotta pots). Sowing before the beginning of autumn (sowing after the beginning of autumn will reduce the yield by 20% -30%), using direct broadcast, about 3,000 holes per acre, two plants per hole. Protect the seedlings in the early stage and supply water in time to ensure that the seedlings are tidy(105 cell plant trays bulk).

(cheap 5 gallon plastic pots suppliers usa)Sowing off-season vegetables such as hoe, four season onions, four season radishes in large or small sheds, these vegetables have high technical requirements but good benefits(black plastic plant pots). Pepper is sown from early to mid July, planted in early August, Chinese cabbage is sown from mid to late August, harvested before heavy snowfall, red cabbage is sown from late August to early September, and radishes and carrots are sown from August to September(72 cell plant trays bulk).

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