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Cheap 5 Gallon Plastic Tree Pots In Bulk

In the summer, strawberries are suitable for ornamental potted plants in front of houses(plastic plant trays wholesale), indoors, balconies, etc., and can also be used for productive potting in greenhouses and greenhouses. It is also easier to artificially create conditions suitable for its growth and development. The disadvantage is that the small soil in the basin is small and vulnerable to the external environment, and the growth of the plant is difficult to control(5 gallon tree pots). It can be placed indoors in winter or winter outdoors to control watering. 

(cheap 5 gallon plastic tree pots in bulk)To move the basin to a cool place to reduce the temperature inside the basin, always keep the humidity inside the basin(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). As the weather gets colder, many flowers and plants will not be as prosperous as ever, and even some cold-proof measures will be safe for the winter, but strawberry growers are now busy. If you want to raise some plants in the winter, you are now on the balcony(128 cell trays bulk). It is the right time to breed a few pots of strawberries, and you can enjoy the harvest.

When the north reaches the winter(large plastic terracotta pots), the basin should be moved to the indoor sunny place to increase the temperature inside the basin. Move to the indoor heating area before the Spring Festival, you can enter the growth period in advance, you can increase the light, you can advance the results. Strawberries have gradually entered a dormant period since winter. The roots of strawberries are shallow(162 cell trays bulk). In winter, they can only withstand the low temperature of -8 °C and the temperature of -10 °C for a short time.

In October, the potted strawberries were moved indoors to prevent freezing damage, water and fertilizer(nursery plant pots), and affecting the growth and development of strawberries. Strawberry is a perennial herb. In the winter, it is a part of the soil that is withered by the east. Don't worry about it. If it is withered, don't worry about him. It will be fine to open in the spring(200 cell trays bulk). The underground part will not die and will germinate and regenerate in the spring of next year.(cheap 5 gallon plastic tree pots in bulk)

If you want to protect it, use a straw curtain or weed to lay a layer on it(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The seeds can be wrapped in gauze before sowing. The advantage of potted plants is that they can be placed arbitrarily according to specific conditions, or placed on a sun-closed enclosed balcony, and the sun is used to expose the weeds exposed(112 cell trays bulk). When the temperature drops again, freezing damage will occur. In severe cases, the plants will die, resulting in a decrease in economic benefits.

(cheap 5 gallon plastic tree pots in bulk)When the winter comes, the pots can be moved from indoors to sunny places(square plastic plant pots), or placed on a closed balcony, and then the pots are covered with plastic bags or plastic film to keep warm. Before the freezing, pour the pots or even the pots into the ground, cover the soil properly, and pour out before and after the second year of clearing(288 cell trays bulk). Good conditions can be placed indoors in the sunny winter, room temperature is 8 ~ 20 ° C, potted strawberries can grow normally, flowering results.

The method is as follows: the strawberry plant is low and short, and its growth period is short(nursery trays). Before the germination of the strawberry to the flowering result, the seedlings are planted in appropriate flower pots, and some soils should be permeable to water, and the gas and nutrients are sufficient(20 cell trays bulk). The temperature of potted strawberries varies greatly, and its management focuses on the low temperature in winter and the high temperature in summer.

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