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Although the cactus is good to raise, many novices do not understand their growth habits(plastic nursery pots). In the process of curing, there is a rotten root phenomenon, but I don't know what caused it. Let's take a look. There are basically two reasons for the roots of cactus. One is physiological and the other is pathological. We do not delve into pathological problems(288 cell trays bulk). The specific treatments for different pests and diseases are different. There are two reasons for the root cause of physiology:

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(cheap 50 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)Many people maintain cactus and put it indoors to embellish the environment, thinking that it can grow well without lighting it(plastic nursery pots wholesale). This is the wrong view. Cactus needs to be exposed to the sun. It is prone to pests and roots in the dark and unventilated room for a long time. Many people like to plant potted plants, watering them every day, regardless of the wetness of the soil, too much water is poured into the potting soil(112 cell trays bulk), which will cause water accumulation, so that the roots can not breathe, leading to rotten roots.

In summary, if you want a cactus to grow well and not rotten(black plastic nursery pots), you must pay attention to details such as temperature, light, soil, watering, and fertilization. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to plants that can not only purify the air, but also prevent computer radiation. Also remind everyone to use their computers in time to wash their faces and drink more green tea(200 cell trays bulk). Computer operators should eat more carrots, tofu, eggs and skinny. Foods rich in vitamins and proteins such as meat.(cheap 50 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)

Because of their small size, you need to use a magnifying glass to observe them(square nursery pots). The orange peel removes the small flying insects in the pot. It is more resistant to drought, and usually does not give it too much water, in order to prevent the accumulation of water affecting the absorption of its roots, resulting in poor growth of the plant. In addition, if the land is dry, it can be poured in an appropriate amount. Watering during flowering is conducive to its flower opening and growth(162 cell trays bulk). It can be shade-tolerant or grow in sunny places, and it is usually better to grow.

Also note that during its flowering period(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), it is especially not allowed to be exposed to strong sunlight, otherwise the flowering period will be shortened, affecting its flowering. It can withstand high temperatures and can withstand severe cold. In general, even if the temperature is as low as minus 40, it will not affect it. On the contrary, if the temperature is as high as 40 degrees, it will still survive very well(128 cell trays bulk). Usually it doesn't need a lot of flower fertilizer, and it can be used to meet its growth needs by applying it about 3 times a year.(cheap 50 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)

During the new sprouting, growing leaves and squid, pay attention to the timely application of fertilizer and water(wholesale nursery pots), it will grow more vigorously, and the three stages can be applied basically. It is usually possible to cut off the excess leaves, the flowers after the defeat, and the diseased leaves, which not only helps its shape to look good, but also avoids excessive consumption of nutrients, making it look better(105 cell trays bulk). Remove the plants, place them in a cool place for a day or two, and then transplant them into pots.

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