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Cheap 6 Cell Plant Trays Wholesale Price

Aloe vera is a herbaceous plant of the lily family for many years(square nursery pots). Aloe vera is not a sweet fruit. People think that aloe vera is mainly due to its health care function and nutritional value. It contains a large number of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, terpenoids, a variety of enzymes, minerals and other elements, often used to have bactericidal anti-inflammatory, excretion of toxins, to make more energetic functions(greenhouse supplies pots). Asexual reproduction speed is fast, and it can stably maintain the excellent characteristics of the variety.

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(cheap 6 cell plant trays wholesale price)Aloe vera is generally vegetatively propagated by techniques such as seedling transplanting or cutting(wholesale greenhouse pots). Aloe vera is easy to plant, and it is an ornamental plant with both flowers and leaves, so it is popular among the public. According to the research, there are more than 300 wild aloe varieties, mainly distributed in Africa and other places. Then, how do you raise aloe vera with the message “Source of Youth”(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers)? Before you learn how to raise aloe vera, first look at the morphological characteristics of aloe with the world factory modern agricultural network.

We all know that aloe vera is an evergreen(wholesale nursery pots), fleshy herb with leaves that are clustered, seated or born on the top of the stem. Leaves often lanceolate or shortly wide, with sharp-toothed thorns on the edges. There are many kinds of inflorescences of aloe, which are umbrella-shaped, race-like, spike-like, conical, etc. The color is red, yellow or red spots, six petals and six pistils. The shape is various(gallon nursery pots), and the base of the flower is combined into a tube. Although aloe vera is a tropical plant, it is chilly and relatively good.

(cheap 6 cell plant trays wholesale price)Aloe vera prefers high temperature and humid climate(seed starting trays), hi light, drought tolerance, avoid water accumulation, fear of cold, when the temperature is hidden to 0 °C, it is cold in the south. The soil requirements are not strict, the leaves are thin and yellow on the dry and sorghum soil, and the leaves are thick and green in the long and fertile soil. Sub-plant breeding: in the spring of March-April or autumn-November-November, the seedlings that are separated from the mother plant are excavated(plastic plant trays wholesale), and the underground stems connected with the mother plant are cut, and the planting distance is 50cm×50cm. 1 strain.

Dental cutting propagation: cut the top and side buds from the mother plant(gallon plant pot), cut the seedlings 5-10 cm long, and root the roots for about 20 days. However, in any case, excessive moisture and excessive humidity are often the direct cause of the rotten root phenomenon of aloe. On the other hand, if watering is often done, it will inevitably increase the chance of water in the basin or the soil being too moist, thus increasing the risk of rotten roots(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Therefore, the watering of aloe vera does not need to be poured frequently, but it should be considered according to the dry and wet state of the potting soil and the humidity of the air.

(cheap 6 cell plant trays wholesale price)The cultivation technique uses the ramets and buds to infuse(propagation tray). Has the value of eating, beauty and viewing. The watering of potted aloe vera is generally waited until the potting soil has dried and then poured, while at the same time paying attention to the ability and effect of seeing the soil infiltration of water. If the water seepage effect of the potting soil is poor, it is often necessary to turn the pots and soils in time, and replace the old potting soil with new potting soil with good permeability to improve the water seepage effect of the potting soil(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), thereby improving the water utilization rate.

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