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Cheap 6 Inch Plastic Nursery Pots For Sale

The weather is getting colder, and the cuttings of the bougainvillea are the most common methods of planting(14 gallon nursery pots supplier). They can keep the genetics of the mother plant and bloom for half a year. Because of the success of the spring cuttings, just in time for its best growing season - summer and autumn, you can get the best growing environment(plastic nursery pots). The first thing to prepare is the soil matrix.

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(cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots for sale)Add some perlite and peat, and the air is dried and the absorption of boron is blocked. Then there is the flower pot(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Bougainvillea has low requirements for flower pots, and it is quick to make seedlings and simple plastic pots. Prepare the branches to be cut(from about one and a half months from the cutting to the basin). Cut strong branches that grew lignified or semi-lignified(plastic nursery pots wholesale).

The last cuttings (more than one year's branches, no twigs): Early flowering, inserting the cuttings into the mud(5 gallon nursery pots supplier), the insertion depth is about 7-8 cm, revealing the branches with leaves(watering immediately after pouring the fertilizer to prevent burning roots and burning leaves). Put the rooting powder and the broken mud powder into the mud, and the different roots of different brands should be different. Please be optimistic.

Break the yellow clay into powder. After inserting, pour water, cover the entire surface of the flower pot with a layer of plastic wrap to maintain the humidity, and place it where the scattered light can be irradiated(black plastic nursery pots). The bottom of each shoot is dyed with yellow mud and inserted into the sand bed (family cuttings can be filled with sand) to water 1-2 times a day.(cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots for sale)

Moisturizing is not enough(3 gallon nursery pots supplier), rooting (in this process of cutting, you need to wait for more than 30 days) transplant, can be put on the basin or bagged with water (diluted compound fertilizer and water diluted in the soil, 15 days after transplantation) Water is green. Maintenance management after cutting: The most important thing for bougainvillea is to moisturize(plug trays wholesale). The second is to breathe.

(cheap 6 inch plastic nursery pots for sale)Open the plastic wrap every evening and ventilate properly(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). Apply more organic fertilizer to control the temperature inside the greenhouse, and not excessively control the water. In the south, the work of cutting bougainvillea can be carried out almost all year round, but to ensure the survival rate, Spring cutting time is best. Wash the sand and the sand is thicker.

A lot of green vegetable growing season has passed, but we can still eat fresh green vegetables, which is due to the maturity of greenhouse technology(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Since greenhouse cultivation is a closed environment compared to open field cultivation, the prevention and treatment of diseases is particularly important. The inside is too stuffy, the branches will be moldy, and the plants will not survive.

Heart rot is often caused by the application of nitrogen fertilizer and excessive potassium fertilizer(1 gallon nursery pots supplier), while the temperature in the greenhouse is too low. At the beginning of the disease, leaf edge rot will occur, and with the occurrence of heart rot, the plants will also show some symptoms of calcium deficiency, which will lead to necrosis of young tissue in the growth point of the plant(wholesale nursery pots). 

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