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Cheap 6 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Canada

Potted aloe vera uses cuttings to breed seedlings, and the survival rate is very high(50 cell plug trays supplier). After all, aloe vera has tenacious vitality, and its leaves are also rich in nutrients and water, so cuttings are more likely to take root. The cuttings can be achieved by using the sprouts of the base of the mother plant and the stalks of the plants. Then, can the leaves of the aloes be inserted? The aloe vera is actually a succulent succulent succulent plant(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Since it is a succulent plant, it is often Have a commonality - leaf insertion.

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(cheap 6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale canada)Therefore, aloe vera can be used to grow potted seedlings by means of leaf insertion(72 cell plant trays bulk). It is the process of cultivating seedlings by cutting healthy and full leaves from the mother plants for cutting into the culture medium. However, the cutting substrate is required to be a fertile, loose, breathable and permeable sandy loam, and it is best to carry out in the spring and autumn. Because the weather in spring and autumn is warmer(plastic nursery pots), and aloe vera prefers a warm growing environment, it is more suitable to keep the temperature between 20 °C and 25 °C.

Because in this temperature environment, the seedlings are more likely to root and germinate, and the survival rate is higher(105 cell plant trays bulk). When the leaves are inserted, the healthy and full leaves are taken from the mother plant, and some rooting powder is glued on the cutting mouth. Natural honey can also be used, so as to avoid the decay after the leaves are inserted; After drying, about 1/3 of its length is inserted into the cutting substrate with the incision end facing down(wholesale nursery pots). Then gently compact the soil around the leaves.

(cheap 6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale canada)It is generally necessary to insert 2 leaves in each small flower pot(128 cell plant trays bulk), which will have a more abundant space for the germination and growth of the cutting seedlings. Aloe vera has the characteristics of drought tolerance, and its rich leaves are also full of nutrients and water. Therefore, after inserting the leaves, you can keep the water for 4-5 days and keep the culture soil moist. Do not pour too much water, otherwise it will easily cause the incision to rot(black plastic nursery pots). Do not loosen and fertilize during the period, usually rooting and sprouting after one month.

Compared with stem insertion and bud insertion(162 cell plug trays supplier), the time of leaf rooting is relatively late, but as long as the operation method is correct in the process of leaf insertion, the maintenance management after leaf insertion is scientific and reasonable, rooting and germination, survival growth is often not a problem. of. Therefore, the watering at the beginning of the leaf insertion period must control the amount of water. Cleanse yourself and be free from interference(plug trays wholesale). Aloe vera is not like other flowers all year round and bright and enchanting, it is more of a time to maintain a green posture, full of green.

(cheap 6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale canada)Therefore, for potted aloe vera, watering is a very necessary means of conservation(200 cell plug trays supplier). Originally, plants need water to maintain growth activities. But watering should also be well-prepared, which means that aloe does not need to be watered frequently. After all, this plant is more drought-tolerant, and its stems and leaves often store a large amount of water(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Even in drought, it can maintain the growth behavior by consuming the water stored in the stems and leaves.

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