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Cheap 6 Inch Plastic Terracotta Nursery Pots

Sunflower, I believe that everyone is familiar with this plant, because the seeds that everyone likes to eat are produced from this plant(7 gallon pots distributor). Not only that, we suggest that the sunflower flowers are also very eye-catching, soaking the pot for about 15-20 minutes, so it is a kind of ornamental flower that is very suitable for family potting(cheap plastic flower pots). As the name suggests, the flower of this plant is named after the sun's bloom, with a positive and upward meaning. So how do you raise a houseplant sunflower?

(cheap 6 inch plastic terracotta nursery pots)Through reasonable fertilization, the nutrient absorption of the sunflower can be improved, and the growth is more robust(gallon planters supplier). Let's first understand its growth habits: sunflowers can be planted all year round, but mainly in autumn and winter, flowering can be more than 2 weeks, can be divided into ornamental and edible(plastic nursery plant pots). But in terms of viewing and production, this plant has an important connection with soil environment, temperature, light, water and fertilizer.

Has a strong resistance to alkali(14 gallon pots distributor). However, in order to ensure that the plant grows well, a soil rich in humus and well drained is used as the culture soil. Sunflowers are sensitive to the reflection of sunlight, because they like enough light, regardless of their foliage or disk, they have strong directionality. If the light is not enough, the stem will be bent due to lack of light, the leaves will be soft and pulled, and the disc will be too small and irregular(plant growing pots). It is necessary to replenish water in time.(cheap 6 inch plastic terracotta nursery pots)

The suitable growth temperature should be between 21-27 °C during the day and between 10-16 °C at night(bulk half gallon pots). When the temperature is too low, the growth of the plant will slow down, which will affect the time and quality of flowering. However, if the temperature is too high, such as more than 30 ° C, it is easy to cause stems and leaves to lengthen and shorten the flowering period(half gallon container). Sunflowers grown as crops are generally tall in shape, densely branched, and have a large demand for water.

(cheap 6 inch plastic terracotta nursery pots)Ornamental sunflowers are mainly used for potted plants, and edible sunflowers are mainly used for production(15 gallon pots distributor). Sunflowers require less nutrients during the seedling period and may not be fertilized. However, in order to ensure that the nutrients in the sunflower growth process are replenished in time, the liquid fertilizer is poured once every three weeks during the growth period(1 gallon plant pots), and the thin phosphorus and potassium liquid fertilizer can be chased 2-3 times on the eve of the flowering period.

As a potted plant, the potting soil should not be too wet, otherwise it will easily lead to yellowing of the leaves(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Of course, it is usually easy to keep the soil in a wet state, especially in the dry summer, and it is necessary to replenish water in time. In order to control the height of plant growth, if the requirements of the sunflower on the potting soil are not high, it is usually used to grow the soil with ordinary soil(half gallon nursery pots). Sunflowers like light, and naturally like a warm growing environment, and their ability to withstand yin and cold is relatively poor.

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