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Cheap 7 Gallon Grow Pot Wholesale Suppliers USA

The general method of raising seedlings often has disease hazards(plug trays wholesale), and the seedlings that are bred are weaker and require a lot of work. The hazards of using seedlings are greatly reduced, time is saved, skill is saved, and the seedlings that are bred are relatively strong. It is required to thoroughly pour the substrate, which is to ensure that the roots can be better after the seeds are germinated. Prevention of diseases(18 cell plug trays supplier): prevention of common diseases such as blight, rickets, and chlorothalonil.

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(cheap 7 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers usa)Membrane Coverage: Keep the water at a temperature until the seeds are germinated and the film is removed at the beginning of the arch to prevent the buds from being burned and burnt(seed starter trays). Keep the temperature: keep the temperature in the shed between 28-30 degrees Celsius. How to manage the seedlings after they grow up(seed planting trays wholesale). Moisture: The way of seedlings using seedlings will evaporate water faster, so it will be less watery, but the amount of water should not be too much.

Usually, it is necessary to spray water twice a day on sunny days, and in the morning and afternoon(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the amount of watering can be controlled at about half of the hole; if it is cloudy, just spray it once in the morning, remember that it is indispensable The water, if the water shortage seedlings will fight, is the latter differentiation is also affected, and ultimately the production is low(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Temperature: Take cucumber as an example, the daytime is controlled at 25-28 degrees Celsius, and at night it is around 12-15 degrees Celsius.

(cheap 7 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers usa)Disease prevention: The solution diluted 500 times with carbendazim is sprayed once every 10-15 days(black plastic nursery pots), according to which it is sprayed 2-3 times, and the fog machine 250 is used in the afternoon or evening on cloudy days. -300 g / mu for smoked treatment. The precision seeding production line is automatically loaded with substrate, sowing, covering, repressing, watering, and then placed in the germination chamber and greenhouse to carry out environmental regulation and cultivation(50 cell seed trays wholesale), and a modern seedling system for seedlings.

It has wide adaptability and can be used to sow a variety of crops(plastic nursery pots); the roots are closely intertwined with the substrate, and there is no advantage compared with traditional seedlings after planting: Energy saving. Traditional seedlings 100 strains/M2, plug seedlings 700-1000 strains/M2, energy saving 2/3. labor saving and high efficiency. The traditional nursery soil is 500-700g, and the tray substrate is less than 50g(50 cell plant trays bulk). Suitable for long distance transportation. The total porosity of the ideal matrix is between 80% and 95%.(cheap 7 gallon grow pot wholesale suppliers usa)

The concentration level and intensity level of each nutrient supply in the matrix(plastic nursery pots wholesale); the rate and distribution of nutrient supply in the matrix; and the ratio between N, P, and K. The water-gas ratio is coordinated, and the seedling effect is good, but the price is higher than the domestic substrate. It has small bulk density, good water absorption and permeability, and is a good seedling substrate, PH4-5. According to the area of the seedbed, 500N per square meter, the seedbed is loaded for 24 hours and then unloaded, and the seedbed should not have obvious deformation on the appearance(32 cell plant trays bulk).

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