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Cheap 7 Gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale In Canada

Onion is native to the continental climate zone and has strong adaptability(seed starting trays). The requirements for growth environment and growth conditions are not very strict. Onions are cold-resistant, not resistant to high temperatures, like wet and not drought-tolerant, hi-fert not tolerant to barren, not resistant to glare, shallow roots, weak water absorption and other growth characteristics(plastic plant trays wholesale). Onion is cold-tolerant and not resistant to high temperatures, and has a strong adaptability to temperature conditions.

(cheap 7 gallon nursery pots wholesale in canada)If there is not enough sunshine, it will seriously affect the yield and quality of onions(square plant pots). If the temperature is too high, the seeds will not germinate; the seedlings have strong cold resistance, the temperature suitable for seedling growth is 12-20 °C, the seedlings can withstand short time? The low temperature of D6~7°C(10 gallon pots); the temperature suitable for growth in the bulb expansion stage is 20~26°C, When the temperature is lower than 15 °C, the bulb expansion is blocked.

When the temperature is high, it will enter the dormant period(5 gallon pot). When the temperature is higher than 26 °C, growth declines and sleeps. At this time, the water absorption capacity is weak, and the soil moisture is high. After sowing, before and after the seedlings are broken out of the soil, the roots and leaves grow slowly, and the soil is kept moist. The stage of vegetative growth and bulb expansion is the key period for determining the yield(15 gallon pots). In this period, the growth is rapid, and the soil moisture is sufficient.

(cheap 7 gallon nursery pots wholesale in canada)Conversely, if the relative humidity is too low, it will seriously affect the expansion of the bulb, resulting in reduced production(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), reduced quality and reduced efficiency. Ensure that the bulbs accelerate to maturity and prevent bulbs from cracking. Onion is not tolerant to barrenness, and has strong adaptability to soil environment(20 gallon pots). It is suitable for planting in neutral sandy loam with low porosity, deep nutrient, good permeability, strong water retention and fertility, and PH 6-8.

 The required temperature varies depending on the growth period(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The temperature suitable for growth is 13 to 26 °C. Therefore, the temperature suitable for seed germination is 15-20 ° C, and it can be slowly germinated at 3 to 5 ° C, and the temperature is low, which will affect the physiological function of the seed and hinder germination. The air humidity and high soil moisture can achieve the desired benefits(injection molded nursery pots). The relative humidity of the air is 60-70%, and the humidity is too large, which may cause disease.(cheap 7 gallon nursery pots wholesale in canada)

Generally, for every 1000kg of onion produced, it is necessary to absorb 2kg of nitrogen(nursery plant pots), 0.8kg of phosphorus and 2.2kg of main fertilizer. It is also necessary to apply appropriate amounts of trace elements such as calcium, boron, magnesium, manganese and zinc, which have significant effects on high-quality yield increase. Onions are long-day crops that require higher light conditions than leafy vegetables and root vegetables(blow molded nursery pots). It is suitable for medium light conditions in the growth process to meet the needs of flower bud differentiation, vegetative growth and bulb formation.

It is a long-day crop, the onion root is shallow(plastic terracotta pots), the wet is not drought-tolerant, and the watering amount should be controlled 12 weeks before harvesting. If the topdressing is too late, it will cause insufficient nutrients, affecting the rapid expansion of the bulb, delaying the maturity and affecting the yield(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Appropriate sunshine conditions can effectively promote the formation and maturity of bulbs, achieve high quality yield and increase income.

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