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Cheap 7 Gallon Plastic Flower Pot Wholesale Price NZ

During germination, seeds should be washed or sprayed with water 1-2 times a day to prevent water shortage(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). When more than 60% of the seeds are exposed in the time of germination, the sowing can be stopped. In order to ensure the germination and emergence rate, nitrogen fertilizer can be applied once or twice for each harvest(large black plastic pots for plants), the seeds used for sowing of cabbage are new species with full seeds and bright colors.

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It is better to stop sowing in fixed holes according to the distance between holes of 15-18cm and the distance between 2-5 seeds in each hole(seed plug trays); for strip sowing along the ditch, it is better to spread evenly along the border according to the seed amount of 33-35cm and 2-2.5kg per mu(10 inch nursery pots). When the seedlings grow to 2 leaves and 1 heart, the thinning can be stopped according to the seedling spacing of 5-6cm, or 15kg of compound fertilizer + 3-5kg of urea can be washed with water.

(cheap 7 gallon plastic flower pot wholesale price nz)As the cabbage is a leaf vegetable crop, a lot of nutrients are necessary for the development of stems, branches and leaves(72 cell seed trays wholesale). After the seeds are sown into the soil, they shall be immediately covered with a layer of 1-1.5cm thin soil, then covered with plastic film, sunshade net or straw straw straw to cover the ground for moisture protection and sunshade(9cm pots). The amount of fertilizer applied each time can be controlled at about 10-15kg of nitrogen fertilizer.

Disrelish trouble, in the cabbage after sowing to seedling transplanting, should be frequently watered to adhere to the humidity(5 gal pots). After sowing, when the temperature and humidity are suitable, the cabbage can germinate after 5-7 days. When the seedlings are about 30 days old or 18 cm tall or 4-5 leaves(big plastic garden pots), the transplanting and planting can be stopped according to the row spacing of 30-35 cm, and 2-3 seedlings can be planted in each planting hole.(cheap 7 gallon plastic flower pot wholesale price nz)

If you want to pay attention to the method of Sowing on demand when transplanting and planting(7 gallon nursery pots): in order to avoid the root injury caused by transplanting, you should water the seedling in advance when starting the seedling, and then start the seedling with soil, so as to reduce the damage to the seedling root(10cm plant pots), which is conducive to the rapid and slow seedling development after the seedlings are planted, and shall be drenched with water to keep the soil moist. 

(cheap 7 gallon plastic flower pot wholesale price nz)After the seeds of cabbage sprout, the cover on the ground should be removed in real time(10 gallon pots). When the seedlings grow to 3-5cm or 3-4 leaves, the watering can be stopped according to 1000-1500kg of diluted human feces and urine (about 10-15% concentration) per mu(1 gal pots). When the seedlings grow to more than 6 leaves, we should not only water and apply fertilizer frequently, but also stop ploughing and weeding in real time before ridge sealing.

Generally speaking, before planting cabbage, 20-25 cm ploughing and airing can be stopped 15-20 days in advance(15 gallon pots). Therefore, it is necessary to apply thin fertilizer frequently during the development period, which should be mainly based on the nitrogen fertilizer of quick acting and leaf promoting(3 inch plastic nursery pots). After entering the harvesting period, or organic fertilizer can be applied once every 10 days to meet the nutrient demand for the sprouting development of new branches and leaves.

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