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Cheap 7 Inch Plastic Nursery Flower Pots Wholesale

In fact, in addition to the purchase of the vegetable market, you can also learn to grow spinach on the balcony(nursery plant pots). What are the spinach balcony planting techniques? When is the best planting? Spinach is divided into two types: sharp leaves and round leaves, among which spinach is also called Chinese spinach(162 cell plug trays supplier). Winter spinach, good taste, strong cold resistance, weak heat resistance, suitable for autumn and winter cultivation, fruit has thorns.

Spinach is usually sown from September to October (can be sown in all seasons(large plastic terracotta pots), but the quality of cultivation in autumn and winter is good, and winter planting in northern China should pay attention to heat preservation). Generally, the vegetable seeds are soaked in warm water for about 3-5 hours, and the cold water is about 20 hours(128 cell plant trays bulk). Keep the towel moist, then germination in a place with a suitable temperature, and wait for the seed to sprout small white buds.(cheap 7 inch plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)

Winter is coming, many people want to eat green vegetables(cell trays). Sprinkle the seeds in the vegetable pot and cover the soil with a seed thickness of 2-3 times. It is best to use a watering can to spray the misty water and the base fertilizer. Remember to open the outer cover and let the seeds breathe for a while(105 cell plant trays bulk). Although the root nodules of peas can fix nitrogen in soil and air, they still need to rely on soil nitrogen supply or nitrogen fertilizer supplementation.

(cheap 7 inch plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)Stir the organic fertilizer and the soil in a ratio of 1:5 before sowing(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), and fill the mixed soil evenly in the middle and lower parts of the soil in the basin. Topdressing, we have to apply organic fertilizer once a month. The amount of fertilization depends on the size of the pot(72 cell plant trays bulk). In the pot, choose about 3cm away from the root of the vegetable. After digging the pit, the organic fertilizer is buried in the soil and then watered.

First of all, spinach seeds are relatively difficult to germinate, so it is necessary to soak for 24 hours(square grow pots). If you feel that this is not safe, you can try the "paper towel germination method", take a plate, put a piece of paper towel on it, put the seeds in a paper towel, and then cover the paper towel(50 cell plug trays supplier). Soak the paper towel, moist with a paper towel but not dripping water. The outer layer is covered with a film. Or set a bag. This way, you can keep the paper towel moist.(cheap 7 inch plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)

Not too high or too low to prevent spinach seeds from germinating(plastic plant trays wholesale). Most of the flowers and plants we like are acidic soil. Spinach is a cold-tolerant vegetable. It can be harvested all year round. It will be harvested in winter and harvested in one month. After sowing, the soil will be trampled and sprinkled(105 cell plug trays supplier). After the spinach seedlings are unearthed, spinach The harvesting period is not very strict, it can be absorbed by flowers, and small water is sprayed.

(cheap 7 inch plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)It is necessary to control the temperature of spinach cultivation, the growth stage of peas, the growth amount is small, and the nutrient absorption is also small(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). After flowering and sitting on the pod, the growth amount increases rapidly, and the nutrient absorption amount also increases greatly. The peas have nitrogen and phosphorus in their lifetime(gallon pot). The absorption of potassium three elements is the most nitrogen, followed by potassium and phosphorus.

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