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The amount of fertilizer applied depends on the amount of flowers and the tree potential(15 cell propagation trays wholesale). For each 50kg of tree surface, apply 1 kg of Hefei plus 0.2-0.5kg of urea, or 0.5kg of urea, superphosphate and potassium chloride respectively(plastic plant pots bulk). In addition, spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 1000 times of lvwang 1 (high potassium) plus 0.05% borax on the leaf 20 days before flowering can promote the development of flower spike.

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Precautions for artificial pollination: In order to improve the fruit setting rate(21 cell propagation trays wholesale), it is necessary to adjust and control the flower amount and the flower amount reasonably, especially for the varieties with large flower heads (such as Feizixiao). Artificial short cut flower spike(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). Cutting short flower spike can reduce flower amount and improve flower quality. The varieties with strong regeneration ability and easy to draw secondary flower ear, such as Feizixiao and March Red, are heavier.

(cheap 72 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)In general, the drugs used to control spikes include lychee proline, ethephon and so on(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). The main pests of litchi flower ear are litchi stink bug, litchi gall mite, inchworm, aphid and litchi downy mildew. In general, it can be controlled by lesbon, clotrimide, imidacloprid, mefenicol, dipterex, piricol, rhodopsin, alum, m-45, metalaxyl and other drugs(10cm plastic grow pots). We should pay more attention to the control of diseases and insect pests in the young fruit stage of litchi.

one is to choose a sunny day with temperature above 16 ℃(50 cell propagation trays wholesale); the other is to keep the prepared pollen solution for no more than 20 minutes, otherwise the pollen will lose its vitality and affect the pollination effect. The trees with strong and vigorous growth were cut 10-15 days after the female flower withered, on the 4-6cm thick branches, in a circle, deep to the xylem(large plastic planters cheap). Strong flower fertilizer is applied when the flower buds are seen when the ear is drawn out (also known as flower fertilizer).

The commonly used method of artificial pollination is: use wet towel to gently shake back and forth on the newly opened male flower spike(98 cell propagation trays wholesale), collect the pollen, repeatedly, make the pollen suspension appear light yellow turbid liquid, that is, spray it on the female flower(10.5cm plastic grow pots). The light and important of the short cut flower ear depends on the variety. Using plant growth regulator to keep fruit. 20 mg / L gibberellin was used to protect the fruit when the mung bean was large.(cheap 72 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)

Therefore, the flowering of litchi consumes a lot of nutrients in the tree(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). In order to ensure the growth and development of fruits, it is necessary to apply strong fruit fertilizer in time from the end of flowering to the growth of young fruit mung bean. The amount of fertilizer should be determined according to the tree potential and the number of results(plastic flower pots wholesale). At the same time, pay attention to topdressing outside the root. (2) Circumcise and preserve fruit.

(cheap 72 cell plug trays suppliers philippines)When it is dry, it is necessary to irrigate water. When it is hot and sunny, it is necessary to spray water on the tree crown(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). When there is much rain and water, it is necessary to drain water in time. (5) Timely control diseases and insect pests and protect fruits(nursery plant pots wholesale). The main diseases in litchi fruit development stage are litchi downy mildew, litchi soot and litchi anthracnose, and the main pests are litchi stem borer, litchi stink bug and litchi small grey butterfly.

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