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Cheap 72 Cell Propagation Tray Suppliers Ireland

Nowadays, despite the constant changes in life, many people have no place to plant plants and flowers(propagation tray). Some friends have begun to consider planting plants on their own balconies. After considering the principles of economy and convenience, many people choose plastic flower pots. What should be paid attention to when choosing plastic flower pots for planting on family balconies, potted plants, flower pots and volume(104 cell propagation trays wholesale), affecting the growth of flowers and trees Very large, so the rational use of flower pots is very important.

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(cheap 72 cell propagation tray suppliers ireland)The ideal flower pot should have: light material(plug trays), convenient to carry; durable, not easy to break; color, shape, thickness, size can be applied to the growth of flowers and trees, and there must be a variety of specifications and models; low prices and other conditions. The plastic flower pots are selected when the family balcony is planted. The plastic pot materials are light and convenient, easy to use, not broken(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), durable, and the inside and outside of the pot wall are smooth and clean, not only easy to change the pot, but also easy to wash and disinfect.

But airtight and water-permeable, balcony flowers and balcony gardens are suitable for planting water-resistant flowers and trees(gallon plant pot), such as sedge grass, monstera, calla lily, Guangdong Evergreen, suitable for round plastic pots, etc., vegetables suitable for planting peppers, tomatoes, eggplants Wait. It is best to choose rectangular plastic flower pots when planting vegetables. At present, there is a plastic rice bowl for washing rice, which is shaped like a washbasin(48 cell propagation trays wholesale). The pot wall, the pelvic floor and the surrounding are covered with fine holes. There are various specifications of 20--35 cm diameter, which can also be used for planting flowers.

(cheap 72 cell propagation tray suppliers ireland)Because the basin wall is porous, it is easy to leak out of the muddy water(cell trays). However, a plastic sand net can be placed on the inner wall of the basin to reduce leakage and still be breathable. If you want to be clean, you can add a plastic tray. The size of the plastic tray can be selected according to the size of the plastic pot you choose(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). So directly bury the cooked soybeans, the effect of supplementing the nitrogen fertilizer is also great! Soak the soybeans for a while, then cook in the pan, let cool and set aside.

Along the edge of the green flower pot, poke 3-5 holes and then bury the cooked soybeans(gallon nursery pots). You flower buds can bury the number according to the size of their home green radish. If it is a larger green radish, 7-10 capsules can be buried in each hole. If the green radish at home is small, it is enough to bury 3-5 capsules in each hole(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Cooked soybeans contain a lot of nitrogen, which is slowly released in the soil and absorbed by the green radish.(cheap 72 cell propagation tray suppliers ireland)

Green radish is supplemented with enough nitrogen fertilizer(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the longer it will be, the more leaves will become bigger and bigger, even bigger than the palm of the slap! It is known that Clivia prefers oil crops. When changing the pots of Clivia, many flower friends also I like to put peanut seeds and so on at the bottom of the basin. But when you can't change the pot, do you want to do it(18 cell propagation trays wholesale)? It's better to bury the waste oil in the pot! The waste oil that can be buried in the pot is the waste oil in the range hood, and the diesel and oil are absolutely Can't be used!

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