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Everyone likes warm and moist, scorpion flower anthracnose, which is mainly caused by the leaves of gardenia(wholesale nursery pots). Occurs from the tip of the leaf and the edge of the leaf, forming an irregular or nearly round brown lesion. Sometimes the entire blade turns brown, causing the branches to die or the whole plant to die. Most of the disease begins to occur from the lower leaves of the plant(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Under wet conditions, small black spots were formed on the lesions on both sides of the leaves, with small black spots on the back of the leaves (the conidial disk on the leaf surface and the ascospore on the leaf back).

(cheap 8 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)It is more resistant to cold, and the law occurs when the mycelium is lurking on the diseased leaves for wintering(plastic nursery pots). In the spring when the temperature and humidity are suitable in the spring, conidia are produced for infection. The pathogen is characterized by a large number of sexual states, ie, ascospores, during the growing season. The seedlings of gardenia are in a poorly ventilated, hot and humid environment during the transportation, and the incidence is high(20 cell trays bulk). Control method: agricultural control. Remove the diseased leaves in time and concentrate on destruction. When reducing watering, try to carry out in the morning and pour through once.

Disturbing the tree type, high temperature, high humidity conditions are conducive to the onset(square nursery pots). Symptoms are mainly manifested in young leaves and young shoots. At the beginning, the young shoots and leaves are light yellow or white, the leaves are thin and small, and the veins are still green. In severe cases, the veins are also yellow or white, and the leaves eventually die. Many small clusters of side branches are formed(288 cell trays bulk). The diseased branches are shortened and clusters are formed. When the disease occurs seriously, the small tree can be yellow-white in color, the veins are yellow-white, and the top of the young shoots is focused on the top and even dead.

(cheap 8 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Axillary buds are sprouted, and the diseased plants are susceptible to freezing damage in winter(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Occurrence rule Some areas have more carbonates in the soil, the soil reacts alkaline, so that the soluble iron content is low, or because of the rain, there is too much soluble iron in the soil, or the soil viscosity is heavy, the groundwater level is over. In high soils, the normal physiological activities of the roots of the plants are affected, which reduces the ability of the roots to absorb ferrite(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). The plants lack available iron and affect the formation of chlorophyll and yellowing.

When choosing gardenia to grow soil, try to avoid planting the scorpion in alkaline soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and not plant it in low-lying, easy-to-water, and abandoned lime-containing construction waste in the old homestead, otherwise it will affect the root system. Development, prone to yellowing. Rational fertilization. In alkaline soil, combined with fertilization, appropriate application of physiological acid fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), ammonium chloride, and superphosphate to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and improve the effectiveness of iron in the soil.

(cheap 8 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Control method: scientifically choose gardenia to plant soil. When the organic fertilizer is applied(black plastic nursery pots), a suitable amount of ferrous sulfate is added and mixed. In the soil, the organic acid produced by the organic fertilizer during the decomposition process can increase the activity of iron and make the plant easy to absorb. The diseased plant can be applied with a 0.1% to 0.2% aqueous solution of ferrous sulfate or an aqueous solution of other iron chelate(72 cell seed starter trays). According to the size of the tree, each plant is applied with 25 to 100 g. 500g per 10m2 in the seedbed, it is not necessary to use the leaf color after turning green.

The symptoms of iron deficiency yellowing in gardenia are all non-invasive diseases of the whole plant(plug trays wholesale). The scorpion is easy to sprout and shoot, and it should be trimmed at any time to remove unwanted buds. Toppings must be carried out from May to July to promote flower bud differentiation. Chemical control. Spray 1% Bordeaux solution before the onset to prevent and protect the plants(50 cell seed starter trays). During the onset of the disease, 50% of the protective work 1000 times liquid or 10% Shigao 1000 times liquid, 430g/L good force 2500 times liquid, 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 500-800 times liquid, etc. can be sprayed.

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