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Cheap 8inch Plastic Pots In Bulk

Tiger Piran has the reputation of “natural scavenger”, which can effectively remove harmful substances from the air(nursery plant pots). In particular, the ability to absorb formaldehyde is super strong, and it can effectively remove harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ether, ethylene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen peroxide(gallon nursery pots). Tiger Piran is a very popular indoor plant. It can be kept indoors all the time, so its erect leaves and colorful lines are equally popular!

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Tiger Piran has a fleshy root, daily maintenance of soil compaction, excessive watering, poor ventilation, will cause rotten roots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The leaves will also be wilted, seriously affecting the viewing effect. Xiaobian teaches you how to deal with the roots of tiger Piran! The roots of tiger Piran are underdeveloped, and they are fleshy roots. They are often planted in shallow shades, and there are too many waterings in the pottery(black plastic plant pots). Volatilization, over time, lead to rotten roots.

(cheap 8inch plastic pots in bulk)Then Tiger Piran usually changes the soil every two years(large plastic terracotta pots). If the soil is not soiled for a long time, the nutrients in the soil are exhausted, and the air is scarce, which hinders the roots from breathing and causes rotten roots. In addition, long-term fertilization will accumulate in the potting soil, seriously affecting the growth of the root system. Tiger Piran does not require high light, but the environment must be well ventilated(gallon plant pot). If you are in a hot state for a long time, the leaves can not absorb water, which will affect your root growth.

Fertilizer effect can not be completely volatilized, change the pot once every two years(square grow pots), change half of the new soil when changing the pot, and disinfect the soil in the sun or water the disinfectant. Use humus-rich soil with fertile and loose drainage. The growth of tiger Piran does not require more water to ensure that the pot is moist(cell trays). If you do not know how much water to pour, you can use the soaking method to water, which can reduce the water in the basin. Reduce watering in winter.(cheap 8inch plastic pots in bulk)

It is cultivated in most parts of China, and it is spring and summer harvest in the northeastern region(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). If you want to cultivate peas in all seasons, choose cold and heat-resistant. Turning water is a concept of water-grass landscape. In moss, the moss is usually translated into Moss. Choose a field with good soil fertility and sufficient light. Due to the different growing seasons and cultivation methods(plug trays), the flower pod period is 667 square meters, and 10 kg of urea or 1000 kg of human and animal fat are used to promote the pods and strong grains.

(cheap 8inch plastic pots in bulk)Very suitable for interior decoration, and usually do not need to manage anything(plastic plant trays wholesale), half a month to give water more than once! Tiger Piran has become an essential environmentally friendly indoor plant in modern life. Firstly, the root rotted part is cleaned up. If it is conditional, it can be sterilized with fungicide such as carbendazim, dried in a cool place, and replanted with rooting(propagation tray). (It is recommended to plant the roots in the cutting medium with plain sand + vermiculite + peat. ).

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