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Cheap 90 mm Grower Pots Wholesale Supplier

Perennial and petite succulents, and their stems are relatively short, often can not find these stems(plastic nursery pots). At the same time, the leaves of the stone are very thick, and generally the opposite leaves are grown and joined together to form an inverted cone shape. However, the raw stone is drought-tolerant and does not like water, so the soil should be carried out according to these habits. After practice(14cm plant pots), combined with the experience of the vast number of basin friends, Xiaobian summed up several high-quality soil matching schemes for everyone:

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(cheap 90 mm grower pots wholesale supplier)Take silica (ie quartz sand or river sand), peat soil, and chaff charcoal(plastic nursery pots wholesale), then mix and mix according to the ratio of 5:3:2, mix well and use. Take the red jade soil, perlite, chaff charcoal, and peat soil, then mix and match according to the ratio of 5:1:2:2. This method of soiling is generally suitable for most varieties of stone(13cm plant pots). Take silica, deer marsh, and chaff charcoal, then mix and mix according to the ratio of 4:4:2, mix well and use.

The several soil preparation schemes listed in the above small series are very good(black plastic nursery pots), very suitable for potted planting health stone flowers. Therefore, everyone should choose the soil matching scheme that suits them according to their own actual conditions. If you feel that it is not necessary to use such expensive pots in your own stone, then you can use the pots that are suitable for growing all the apricots(12.5 cm plant pots). Simply use sand for cultivation.

(cheap 90 mm grower pots wholesale supplier)Then, how does the raw stone flower match the soil? However, in these soil preparation schemes(nursery trays wholesale), it is inevitable that we will not find all the substrates, take the raw sand, the red jade soil, the chaff charcoal, and then mix and match according to the ratio of 5:4:1. Mix well and use. However, after 2-3 years, because sand is breathable and permeable, it is easier to keep dry(v12 plastic pots). The raw stone flower not only likes the dry growing environment, which is in line with this habit.

When pruning the root system(nursery pots wholesale), pruning from about 0.5-1 cm from the base, and then drying the roots, about 1-2 days is appropriate; gently put the prepared stone flower on the tip of the finger, carefully observe the current state of the root system, Determine the trimming position; after determining the trimming position, use scissors to cut off the excessive excess of the root system and cut it too long(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). The operation should be as close as possible in one step, and the scissors should be sharp enough and balanced.(cheap 90 mm grower pots wholesale supplier)

In this case, the prepared culture soil is then poured into the pot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the depth is appropriate, and the surface of the culture soil is flattened, pay attention to the selection of loose and permeability culture soil; the tweezers will be rooted and The ground stone treated with the roots is gently sandwiched and then implanted into the culture soil. The depth of the embedding is about 1/3 of the height of the stone(12cm plant pots). After planting the stone, the surface of the soil is paved with a layer of pavement, so that the basin is completed.

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